Review: Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara

Have I talked about this Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir mascara here before? It’s the one mascara I’ve bought again and again, despite the price. Yes, I love it THAT much. Shown here is a mini. It’s a 100 point perk at Sephora Malaysia, and I redeem it every time it’s available. I get about 3 to 4 months of use and for me, it’s a good use of points since the full sized mascara is about RM120!



Here is the close up of the brush if you’re interested. I’ve heard some say it’s too big, but on my eyes, they’re actually OK. And I don’t have big eyes. I sometimes just skip curling my lashes but ever since I discovered this new way of curling my lashes, I never looked back. The Velvet Noir mascara separates my lashes, gives some length and certainly volume without any clumps. I think it’s a very easy mascara to work with because I don’t need to apply layers just to get the look I’m satisfied with.



Here is a comparison for you. I only used 2 coats here. If I layer 3 coats, the difference is quite dramatic. This mascara is not waterproof and that’s how I like it. I know waterproof mascaras hold a curl better, but I prefer mascaras that are easy to remove. I don’t experience smudging but I never really do unless it’s a really crappy mascara.



Last year, my friend Shireen pointed me to Sephora Lash Craft which we agree, is a dupe of this mascara. She very kindly sends the mascara to me (from Canada) because unfortunately, it’s not sold at my local Sephora. So if you want to try the Velvet Noir but think it’s too pricey, then I’d invite you to try the Sephora Lash Craft mascara, if it’s available where you are. The mascara brush shape is all too similar, and the formula of the mascara is very alike too. Somehow, Sephora managed to copy the Velvet Noir to the tee. Just sharing, not sponsored 🙂


xoxo Lily



What to Pack To School For a 4-Year-Old?

As you know, I have 3 children. The older 2 are girls, aged 10 and 12 this year, and Ashton, the youngest, just turned 4 in November. He started school last term as well, and he has to pack some food to school. I usually just make sandwiches for the girls, because they’re cool with that, but Ashton is quite picky with his food. Also, chances of him eating his food is higher if I actually put some effort to make it look nice.

I did some searching on YouTube, some scrolling on Instagram and Pinterest, and found that I needed an insulated lunch box to put his food containers in. I also decided to get some slim ice packs so I could pack some cold food if I wanted. I ended up getting a cute lunch box from Smiggles and for the food container, I decided to get a Yumbox.

I have been sharing what I pack for Ashton on Instagram (#AshtonsNomz) whenever I can. I know not all of you are on Insta, so here are some of the foods I packed for him. I make sure to pack foods he likes. He wakes up just in time to roll over and get to school, so he doesn’t have much appetite when he wakes up. He usually just drinks a glass of milk and off we go. Sometimes he’d have some biscuits, sometimes nothing else. So, what I pack here is actually breakfast for him at 10am.


Ham and cheese roll ups, kiwi, cucumber, grapes, mini tangerines and cheddar goldfish

Air-fried popcorn chicken, oranges, grapes, cheddar goldfish and ‘kuih bangkit’. It’s a local sweet biscuit that melts in your mouth.

Korean strawberries, grapes, cheddar goldfish, Loacker squares, kuih bangkit, mini hotdogs

Strawberry yoghurt, Korean strawberries, grapes, cornflakes, goldfish, mini Oreos

Hard boiled egg white with soy sauce, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, goldfish, string cheese, peanut M&Ms


As you can tell, he LOVES cheddar goldfish and his strawberries. I try to give him different things every day, and I am thrilled when he tells me to pack the same thing a few days in a row just because he loves it so much. Saves me a lot of headache.

He’s pretty good at eating all his food, unless it’s one of those days when he doesn’t have appetite. I have to say, I really enjoy packing different things for him. If someone made me little boxes like this, I’ll be happy too!

I will start to post more mom things on the blog, like I planned. I know many of you have your own beautiful kiddies so I think it’s great for us to share. What do you pack for your kids? If you pack for your own lunch to work, what do you pack? I’ll be happy to get some ideas from you too!


xoxo Lily



The Perfect Red Lipstick For All Asian Women

That is a huge claim from Shu Uemura. You might also want to remember this number: RD163. This red balances both yellow and blue tones perfectly and it will enhance every Asian complexion. This red to me, is THE neutral. It stays red even when it is sheered out, or packed on. Some red lipsticks sheer out pink and some will look berry if you apply more. This, just stays red.



Red can be intimidating to some, but it really does depend on how you wear it. You can wear it as a stain, or you can just top it up on top of a lip balm. Depending on your creativity, reds are versatile. Some reds are much bolder and deeper, giving off a sexier look but it might not be suitable for someone with small or thin lips. The RD163, I find, is bright enough just to add radiance to complexion. This red comes in 3 different textures: matte, satin or lacquer shine and what I have here to show you is the matte version. I like it because I can add shine to it using a lip balm. If you have very dry lips, then you might want to choose something other than matte because lip lines and flakes will be enhanced, naturally.



To show you where RD163 stands against pinks, berries and oranges, here are some swatches.



I personally really like orange and warm lip colours because they complement my complexion. Some of you might look really good wearing pinks but I think all of us can rock RD163.

Here I am wearing a wine shade M WN289.



And here I am wearing a warm matte BR 782



Finally, this is the neutral red that brightens my skin beautifully, without looking overpowering on the face.



Be warned, these matte lipsticks have a strong stain. I usually use micellar water to remove, and sometimes, the stain doesn’t get removed completely. Shu Uemura also came up with re:set, a tint remover and lip conditioner. It’s just a clear gel that I apply all over my lips, leave it on for a few seconds, then wipe off with tissue. Everything came off so easily! I swatched a few lipsticks at once, and using this to remove kept the colours true, and my lips protected. If you like to wear lip stains, you might want to look at this too.

In short, if you’re looking for a red lipstick and don’t know where to start, I suggest you look at RD163. Shu Uemura made it easy for us, that perfect red for all, with different textures to suit your preference. I really heart this red. The BR782 and BG946 are 2 of my other favourites too. Many of you asked what nude I was wearing on Instagram, and it’s BG946. If you haven’t checked these out, I suggest you do.


xoxo Lily




Trilogy Age-Proof and The Herb Farm Hydrating Overnight Face Masks

Overnight face masks. I can’t live without them! Here are 2 that are great for normal to dry skin. They are Trilogy Age Proof Overnight Mask (RM153, 60ml) and The Herb Farm Hydrating Overnight Face Mask (RM138, 50ml). Overnight masks are masks you apply as the very last step of your regular evening skincare. I usually apply my skincare after my evening shower, but I wouldn’t go to bed yet. So I apply the mask about half an hour before I head to bed. That gives enough time for the mask to sink in so that it wouldn’t stain my pillow case. Some overnight masks allow you to use it in place of moisturizer, but because I have dry mature skin, I always apply my moisturizer.



Both Trilogy and The Herb Farm overnight masks promise to boost hydration, and it’s good to note that the Trilogy Overnight Mask has vitamin C in the ingredients. It is quite high up in the ingredients list, so I’m assuming the dosage is significant. Vitamin C works very well on my skin, keeping it even toned and bright. Glycablend and L22 are derived from a blend of oils that basically improve elasticity of the skin. So other than hydration, this mask will help to brighten and firm.

The Herb Farm Hydrating Overnight Mask does hydrate and I wake up to bouncy skin. I take it as the main purpose, because once skin is hydrated, lines are softened, skin just looks more youthful. The same goes for the Trilogy Overnight Mask. I don’t use a lot of it, just a thin layer, massaged in half an hour before bed. I do this twice a week and have been religiously alternating both masks for the past few months. I notice my skin look softer and more glowy. This addition in my skincare has definitely given my normal routine a boost.



Do you use overnight masks? I like wash off masks as well, and I use those as a quick pick me up. Overnight masks are great as regular guys who come once or twice a week just to kick things along. If you’re looking for something to give your skin a boost in hydration, I suggest these. Inexpensive, and effective. As usual, if you’re in Malaysia, you can always order online from TNS Skin Lab. I notice they have promotions quite often, so it’s worth a look.


xoxo Lily



Here are the ingredients if you’re interested

The Herb Farm overnight mask ingredient list

Trilogy overnight mask ingredient list

Review: YSL Volume Effect Mascara “The Curler”

I don’t usually use smudgeproof mascaras like this. Reason? I find it difficult to remove the mascara. I’d need hot water and for this particular mascara, I need LOTS of water to remove. I guess it’s a great thing if you have watery eyes. You’d have to cry a bucket before this mascara smudges or flakes on you. This is the YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils “The Curler” smudgeproof mascara. It gives you clean volume and length with curling effect.



It has a floral scent that does not make my eyes tear, but after a couple of hours, I can still catch a whiff of the scent. I don’t mind it, but I don’t think it’s necessary either. I’m a creature of habit, and I’ve been using another mascara for a long time, with a wand that’s of a different shape. So, it took me a while to get used to this wand, which is flat and curved. The inner curve of the brush creates volume while and pink comb on the side lifts and defines lashes.


I’ll be honest here. I get smudges on my lids every single time I use this mascara. I’ve tried curling my lashes and I’ve tried NOT curling my lashes. To be fair, I get smudges on my lids using other mascaras too, but not every single time. And I use regular non waterproof mascaras which can be removed easily. This mascara is so difficult to remove. Again, another point to prove this mascara is indeed smudgeproof.

But you know what? I found that it’s not the mascara’s fault. It’s me. All me. That’s because after I discovered this amazing way to curl my lashes, all my problems went away. I discovered it by chance on YouTube, and here it is. If you’ve had problems curling your lashes, or having your lashes stay curled, DO THIS! I tested this technique with different mascaras, and I swear, my lashes stay curled for 8 hours.


Just turn on subtitles for English.



This mascara doesn’t give too much volume, but the fibres lengthen for sure. It does not gives you spider lashes and the ends of the lashes don’t clump up either. To layer, I find it best to do so before the previous layer of mascara dries. With the lengthening and slightly volumizing effect, this YSL The Curler mascara gives you a pretty day time look. Separated, long clean lashes. You can purchase this mascara on its website. YSL is not available nationwide, so it’s good that they offer online shopping.

What mascara are you using? Oh, and if this technique of lash curling helped you too, you’re welcome.


xoxo Lily




Happy New Year

For the first post of 2019, I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy new year. It seems to be obligatory to look back and then make resolutions for this new year, but I think I’ll be a rebel and not do that. I never stick to resolutions and the past is gone. Just memories and lessons learned.

And of course, we hope to learn our lessons.

Instead, let’s talk about how to change a bad habit. That’s because I have a terrible habit that I want to change. I have a habit of not sticking to things for long. Is this a bad trait instead of habit? Then how can I change? I need your input / advice on this.

I’d mean well, and create this little positive goal for myself, and I’d probably work towards it for a short time but I will call it quits before I hit it. Or, I’d hit this little goal (yay!) and instead of moving forward, I’d sooner or later go back to square one. Why can’t I stick to long term goals? 6 months to 1 year isn’t even that long! It’s like, oh yeah, I get all pumped up and motivated, then I go eff this and stay dead, then suddenly I get up again and try it all over again. 2 steps forward, 2 steps back, dancing around in circles. No discipline.

Do you have any strategies to combat this? I need help, I think. I want to say I hope you started the year with a bang, but if you’re anything like me, you probably slept through new year’s celebrations and carried on like it’s just another day. I wonder if it’s an age thing… or I’m just boring. Haha!


xoxo Lily