Tightlining: Looking natural with ease

Have you heard of tightlining before? It’s a technique to line your eyes to make it look super natural, like you didn’t line it at all.

Usually, we line our eyes very close to, but above our lashes. You can make a thin or thick line, depending on your desired outcome. You can even wing it out to achieve a cat eye effect. Then, there is lining the waterline. For some people, this technique can make their eyes look a little smaller but it is dramatic, often used for smokey eyes. Be weary of the ingredients, just make sure the product is safe for waterlining.

Tightlining is somewhere in between. You line it right where your lashes are. You’re not supposed to touch your waterline. You can use a pencil liner, or a gel liner. I haven’t tried tightlining with liquid liner though. I like using a gel liner and a brush. You can use different brushes as illustrated below.


L to R: MAC’s flat eyeliner brush, Bobbi’s fine eyeliner brush, MAC’s angled liner brush

I prefer to use a flat eye liner brush (left of the picture) because all I have to do is dip the brush into the product, and push it to my lash line from below the lashes. Looks like you’re poking your eye out, but no, just get closer to the mirror so you can see what you’re doing. Be careful not to touch the waterline. I on the other hand, have to make sure my girls are not running around me. If they bumped into me while I’m doing this…. *shivers* So, mothers of toddlers out there, take note. LOL!

This flat eye liner brush covers more area, hence quicker and super easy. Yeah, I’m lazy like that. Don’t let me stop you from using other brushes though. I find I have to put in more effort when using the other brushes. Here, I used Bobbi Brown’s gel liner in Black Ink – super black!


L to R: angled, front, open


As you can see, when I close my eyes, you don’t see the a thick line. In fact, you might just think I didn’t line my eyes. When my eyes are open, there is just a definition on my upper lash line. Makes me look like I have thicker lashes and bigger eyes. <Note: None of the photos are not altered in any way>


Natural barely there daytime look


Here is the finished look. <The window is on my right, so because of the lighting, my left brow looks darker. Told you I didn’t photoshop! LOL!

Foundation: Bobbi Brown’s natural finish foundation in Sand
Brows: Empro brow pencil in Golden Brown
Cheeks: NARS Orgasm
Lips: Urban Decay lip liner in Wallflower and MAC’s lipstick in Peachstock
Eyes: Urban Decay Naked Palette (Sin on lids, Darkhorse at outer corner and lower lashline, Virgin as highlight)

Hope you like this. If you tried it out, let me know how it works for you in comments below!