First Impression: Clarisonic Plus

Many people rave about Clarisonic. I was only able to read about it in people’s blogs but never got the chance to get my hands on it until Sephora opened in Malaysia. Here, they only sell Clarisonic Plus. No other options. Either way, I was excited to give it a try since I hardly have any time to get a facial done and this is like home therapy ūüėČ

These are the photos of the box during my unboxing process. Heheh. I kept the warranty but already threw the box away, so this serves as my beautiful memory of it, no matter how short it was. I am not a hogger. I throw stuff out. Does that mean I’m not sentimental? Anyway, the reason I took photos of the box is because it has vital information about Clarisonic Plus. Like its technology and how it can help and basically all the reasons why it costs so darn much!



You must charge the set for at least 24 hours before first use. Just place it on the charging dock, hear the beep and the unit will be charging. The unit is water proof, the charger is not. While you can safely use it in the shower and scrub until your skin peels off, please place the charger somewhere dry. Practise all the safety precautions just like you would your hair dryer =)

As you see, the Clarisonic Plus is cordless,¬†comes in a set with 2 brush¬†heads – one for face (sensitive), another for body. It also comes with 3 cleansers and 1 scrub which I think is a little¬†cruel. So, let’s say I love the cleansers and I want to re-stock. How do I get them when you don’t even sell them? Can you not be such a tease? Or maybe you will carry it soon? Oh Sephora Malaysia, you’re trying a little hard to be funny ūüėČ



Anyway, see the brush heads? Just like your toothbrush, when the bristles start going haywire, it’s time for a replacement. Sephora sells the brush head for about RM95 to RM100, something like that. Please don’t ask me for the exact price. I am seriously bad with prices! Always have been….

But for this set, I do remember because my wallet beat me¬†to the pulp¬†after for using it recklessly. It’s RM …. eight. four. nine. Then again, I’ve already said I’m bad with prices, so I could be wrong. My excuse is, well I’ve missed more than 10 facials and if each cost me about RM100, I already saved up for this unit. Hahahahah!! A total shopaholic’s excuse. Anyhoooo…

I have been using it day and night on my face¬†for about 10 days now… will use it for a little longer before my next post. Haven’t tried on my body though…
The Verdict: Clarisonic Plus (Face)

Stay tuned!