Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Face Wash & Lotion

Hada Labo has been around for a while but I did not get round to trying it. I’ve been reading lots of excellent reviews but I’ve always been apprehensive about drugstore skincare. I’ve tried some before and no matter how affordable they can be, they always get binned. Also, there’s this fear of bad skin reaction. My skin will clog up like crazy and breakouts will ensue. Eek!

So I took a deep breath, clenched my teeth and went ahead to buy this at Watsons. If I’m not mistaken, I think it retailed for about RM58. I might be the last one to find out, but here’s my review anyway…
The box explains what Super Hyaluronic Acid (SHA) is and what it does to your skin. I found out from WebMD that SHA is also used medically to aid with joint pains. It was also mentioned that there is no scientific proof that SHA will help with anti aging. What it will do is help retain water, which is what is claimed below:


Here are the face wash and lotion (toner) which are included in the set. You can squeeze the face wash from the tube like you squeeze tooth paste. The face wash foams up nicely and it leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturised. I tried only washing my face without any lotion/toner or moisturiser and it’s good to note there is no pulling sensation to my face. It’s gentle and I have been using it with my Clarisonic Plus. The only complaint I have is the funky smell. My nose no likey…


Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Face Wash
Face Wash: Cap


This is the lotion. In case you are unaware, lotion is just toner. It’s instructed that you put a few drops of lotion on your palms and pat it on your face. You pat and pat and pat and pat and pat then it gets sticky, which means the lotion is being absorbed, but you still pat pat pat pat… get the idea? Yeah, it takes TIME to pat the lotion in until it’s fully absorbed. I’ve been patiently patting and slapping my face for the past 2 weeks and I feel my skin is more supple. Or maybe it’s just a little swollen from being slapped around. Heh 😉 That was corny… *crickets*  -__-”


Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising Lotion
Lotion: Cap


In the past 2 weeks, I have been using both face wash and lotion religiously both day and night.

Ease of use – Check
Moisturising – Check check check
Low irritation – check

I don’t have any breakouts from using this and I have pretty sensitive skin. So, kudos to that! I do like how my skin feels after the face wash and lotion. I guess all the raves aren’t baseless or pure hype after all 😉 I probably won’t repurchase the face wash because of the smell though. As for the SHA lotion, yeah, it’s good value for money. Highly recommended!

You can also read Paris B’s review on the SHA Lotion. She even has a video that shows you how to apply it =)

Since I’m the last to try, I’m sure some of you already used it. Loving it? Any of you have any bad reaction to this product? Would like to read your comments =)