No more cakey face with MAC’s Fix+

I really just wanted to do a review on MAC’s Fix +, but oh well, why not talk about preventing cakey face which I think will help many people!

I want to show you some pictures of some celebs’ makeup gone wrong… especially those with so much foundation that you can literally see it “floating” on their face… but nah, I’m sure you will go google it yourself. Furthermore, let’s just show pretty things here only. Hahaha!
So how do we prevent these things ourselves? Most of us wear foundation, be it powder or liquid or cream, whatever. And no matter how much foundation or concealers we put on, we want to look like we don’t have any on. Aahhh… the irony… Anyhoo….
Here are a few simple steps:
1. Moisturise. I like to wait for 10 minutes before makeup. So I do my hair first.
2. Prime. It makes a difference in applying your makeup. It primes your face and protects your skin before you apply your foundation. Also, it helps your foundation go on smoother and stay longer. I am trying out a new one (bought from Sephora recently) and will post a review soon.
3. The right shade. Make sure your foundation is not too dark, not too light. Take your time to test out the colours before buying. Also, a rule of thumb when applying foundation is… a little goes a long way. I prefer to use a brush or a beauty blender for application.
4.  If you use powder, tap or buff it on lightly. I like to use Bare Escentuals Mineral Foundation for some light to medium coverage. I also like its Mineral Veil as setting powder. The powder is so fine it literally disappears once you dust it on.
5. FIX IT!! I use MAC’s Fix +, spray it on my face and use a 187 brush to buff it out when my face is still wet. I love this effect. My face looks dewy and so natural. And the foundation stays all day! I apply my blush after this.
Go ahead and try this out. You will be surprised what difference these simple steps will make. When I’m in a hurry, I will skip my face primer, but I never skip my Fix +. Love this stuff!! A must have =)