No more clumpy mascara II: Flippy in Action!

Hey pretties! If you haven’t read yet, please read “No more clumpy mascara” before continuing with this post. I meant to do this with part one, but I figured it would be pictures overload. Then, I kinda forgot about it… until someone reminded me on my facebook page. Heh =)

I will be using the mascara that I have the toughest time working with which is Revlon’s Grow Luscious. Brush is too big for me, as you will see, and it would usually clump horribly… like the lashes watched a really scary movie and wanted a group hug and cling to each other with a death grip. Ugh!

Step 1: Cover
 Step 2: Apply (pull upwards)
Step 3: Comb through
Step 4: Cover
Step 5: Apply (comb downward)


See? No clumps! Take that, lashes!! Don’t you mess with Flippy.