No more clumpy mascara!

Do you know what this is? If you’ve been to Sephora, you might have seen it, you might not.

And talking about Sephora, here’s the photo of the building which I thought was really cool =)



Anyway, I have no idea what that makeup tool is called (I already threw away the cover), but it’s handy when applying your mascara. Have you ever accidentally smudged mascara on your lid before? And if you’re new, how hard is it to apply mascara on your lower lashes? If you’re still trying to perfect the technique of applying mascaras, do you notice that sometimes your lashes look like spider legs? LOL!

How do you use this?

I find that I can even skip curling my lashes when using this tool. Let’s call it Flippy for easy reference and just because it flips out to show 2 different ends. As you see, one end is curved to fit your eyes and the other end is a comb that separates your lashes. Get your mascara ready and let’s do this.


Use Flippy’s curved butt to cover your lids and apply your mascara, pulling it upwards. I find that by doing this, my lashes actually curl nicely. You can afford to be careless here. You won’t get it on your lids! Then, use Flippy’s combed butt to separate your lashes. Repeat on your lower lashes. Ta-dah!!

I even tried this with Revlon’s Grow Luscious Mascara because I have the most problem making it work for me. The brush is way too big for my short stubby lashes and while making a mess on my lids, it always clumps on me! I was gonna give up on it until I got Flippy!!

Seriously, the only reason I bought this was because of curiosity, and no, the cat didn’t die! In fact, I’m loving it so much. It doesn’t matter what mascara I use now, because it’ll work without clumps and I’m done in a jiffy =)

I can’t remember how much it was, probably around the range of RM10 to RM15…

If you have problems getting your mascara right, or if you want to minimise the mascara time, I recommend you Flippy. Flippy helps 😉