Pink in Love: Dior blush

When I looked at Dior’s Blue Tie Collection, I only zoomed in on their eyeshadow palettes. I didn’t notice their blushes until I read a post by Paris B of My Women Stuff. So I went to check out this blush.

Natural Light

When I first set my eyes on it, I could immediately tell it apart from the other blushes. This one stands out because its colour reminds me of rasperries and strawberries. In pictures, it comes out a little more coral, but in life, its colours are more berry for sure. This is a blush duo, one darker and more matte than the other. In this case, one is more raspberry and the other more pink.


with flash


Here are the swatches on my hand so you can tell the difference. I did a heavy swatch on both individual colours so you can see the difference more clearly, and the one on the right is where I blended both together. There are 2 swatches, taken in different lighting condition.


natural light
with flash

And this is how it looks on my skin.

Also featured on my face:

Face: MUFE HD Primer, MUFE Mat Velvet +
Eyes: Kate eyeshadow Brown Collection BR4, Urban Decay brown eyeliner Whiskey
Brows: Empro brow pencil Golden Brown
Lashes: Dior Extase mascara
Lips: Dior Glow


natural light

This is the only red toned pink blush I own because the rest are more cotton candy pink, coral and brown. I am loving this colour! It gives you that flush like when you’re embarrassed or when you’re flustered with heart pumping… like when you’re Pink In Love 🙂