Precision Chanel Hydramax + Active: Active Moisture Fluid

I saw my BFF using the Hydramax creme, and she said it was good on her skin. I was looking for a moisturiser because I finished my L’occitane Almond one and it was discontinued. I hate it when they discontinue products I like. Anyway, I bought the Chanel’s Hydramax Active Fluid duty free for USD68. In the end, I didn’t save that much because it retailed for RM226 or something like that…

According to Chanel, Hydramax + Active “acts at the very heart of the skin in order to boost the physiological dynamics of skin hydration – helping to maintain an optimal level of moisture from the deepest layers of the epidermis up to the surface”.

The packaging is black and white Chanel and the moisturiser smells like perfume. I really like the scent, but some might find it overpowering. It depends on your nose, really.


The packaging is really sleek. It’s long and thin and fits my hands perfectly. I wanted to say “This is so Chanel” but I’d sound silly because this is Chanel. DUH!


I thought the dispensing nozzle is unique. Just press where the Chanel logo is, and the white fluid moisturiser will come out from the little nozzle. Cool…


And in case you’re interested, here are the ingredients:


I’ve used it for the last 2 weeks, day and night. I was already impressed after the first use because it made my skin feel soft and supple almost immediately. It didn’t leave any oily residue and my skin just felt really soft and comfortable, and dare I say – silky!

But yeah, so far, I like it very much. My skin condition changes, just like the weather and my hormones and my temperaments; and yours should too. Now my skin’s a little dehydrated, with flaky skin on my nose (?) so I’ve been using everything that says moisturise / hydrating… And when I see my skin gets better, I’d change it up a bit and go back to anti-aging stuff. I find it works best for me like that.

What about you? Do you just stick unwaveringly to a regime that works? Or do you get a bit adventurous and try other things? I find that for myself, I must try new things… owing it to a blogger’s duty as well. Otherwise, how would I know what to write for the reviews? So yeah, it helps that I don’t like to stick to one routine for long. I am careful to pick the skincare products I can trust, so if you don’t see me reviewing certain products, it’s because they don’t work well on me.

Or maybe I’m too chicken to try out, even if it’s good!