Taking it from day to night – easy transformation

If you ever had to go out for a dinner or a party after work, you’d know that it’d be good to touch up on your makeup. Why not take it up a notch and change it into a night look with just a few simple steps in just a few minutes? Here’s a real life example: I had to go to a dinner right after work and I had to rush it. I had to get the girls organised before I could do anything on myself. Then I thought it would be great to post this because I’m sure many of you have evenings like this too!

Here’s a neutral day look that I wore the other day. This is one of the photos I took for the Dior blush Pink In Love post in the morning before I went to work.


After a long day, with the makeup applied for already close to 11 hours, I had to go out to a Rotary function. Great. Now what? Am I gonna remove my makeup and reapply? Nope, don’t have time. I only have 10 mins tops and I had to leave the house already.

1) Top on the list because I have oily T-zone. Remove excess oil from face. I used blotting paper from Clean and Clear – the blue one (30 secs)
2) Spray MAC Fix+ on face, stipple some powder foundation using a brush and apply it onto face when it’s still wet. (1 min)
3) Dab concealer on places like under eyes, and places where redness occur. I used Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage because it’s drier in texture. (1 min)
4) Darken brows (45 secs)
5) Black eyeliner! Apply a thicker layer of liner on upper and lower lashline. (2 mins)
6) Re-apply blush (30 secs)
7) Touch up your lip with lipstick or gloss (15 secs)
8) Snap a photo for this post

Done! All under 10 minutes. If you find you have time to spare, just darken your eyeshadow and re-apply highlight under your brows… which I did.


If you had to leave from office, just pack a few things with you.
1) Blotting paper (If you have very oily skin, I’d recommend using disposable cleansing wipes on your face to remove dirt and grime first. Your skin will feel fresher immediately)
2) Powder (MAC Fix+ was a bonus because it’ll stop the powder from looking cakey. Good to have if you have oily skin. Too heavy and bulky to take it to work though. Just pat on some powder to rid of shine)
3) Eye liner
4) Brow pencil
5) Blush (you can skip this if it’s too bulky for you)
6) Lipstick / Gloss

Note: I did not re-apply mascara because applying it on fully dried mascara means inviting possible clumps and goo on lashes. I wouldn’t want to risk that if I were in a hurry.

Hope this helps!


xoxo Lily