The Verdict: 14 Days with Clarisonic Plus

I have been using Clarisonic Plus for 2 weeks now. This review is based on my personal experience within that time. Due to our different skin conditions, individual experiences and results may vary. Please refer to my FAQ page to find out more about my skin condition. I find I’m like a broken record every time I talk about my own face šŸ˜‰

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About Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Skin Cleansing System

The Clarisonic PLUS Sonic Skin Cleansing System features three speeds for the face and a body mode for cleansing areas of the body needing extra care and attention.

Benefits Beyond Clean Skin

Sonic Skin Cleansing improves skin tone, reduces the appearance of pore size and helps skin care products work their best. The Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System uses a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to clean, soften and smooth skin. In just 60 seconds, the micro-massage action removes 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than cleansing with your hands alone. Removing more dirt and oil from your pores also helps products work more effectively.

Benefits for the Body

  • Fewer dry patches
  • Gentle exfoliation for softer, smoother skin
  • Firmer skin with improved texture
  • Great prep before applying self tanner

Well, I haven’t tried the body brush head yet, so this review is purely on The Face. To keep this post within a reasonable length, I summarised some of my observations in bullet points. I also took before and after photos for you to see, with hopes the photos can capture the real difference. I used the Clarisonic Plus on my face for 1 minute, every morning and night with my own cleanser. I used it according to the instruction, whichĀ was 20 sec on forehead, 20 sec on nose and chin, 10 sec on each cheek = 60 seconds.

  • Skin feels smoother to touch, for sure
  • Skin tone looks a little lighter and more even without blotchiness or dry patches
  • Smaller looking pores!!
  • Lighter pigmentations, especially my freckles on my cheeksĀ and old acne marks
  • Less breakoutsĀ (it was the time of the month after I took the ‘before photo’ and naturally I had some breakouts. But this time, there were minimal spots!)
  • Faster healing (my spots usually leave me marks because I have an obssessive compulsive reaction to pick on them… then I’d regret it because it’ll take months to get rid of the mark. I find with Clarisonic Plus, the marks lightened relatively quickly, and now about to disappear)
  • Easier extraction of comedones (maybe because the pores aren’t clogged too much, I find the blackheads just pop out on its own)
  • Rosier cheeks! I find that even without makeup, I now have a tinge of red on my cheeks. Nice.

Below are the photos, the before photos were taken before I left for Bali on 5th August morning right after shower, hence my wet hair. Sorry! I only started using the Clarisonic Plus after my short trip, that is on 8 August. The after photos were taken 21 August evening. All photos were taken using natural light, with no editing whatsoever.

Sigh. I don’t like this very much because I’m a bit conscious about my naked face, but I am sacrificing myself for this post. The photos are all taken after my skincare routine. So, without further delay, here I am in my full naked face glory!!!!

Before and After photos: 14 days result, using Clarisonic PlusĀ during cleansingĀ morning and night

Do you notice less freckles on my cheeks? I saw lighter pigmentations butĀ never expected this until I saw the photos. I was totally amazed myself. I wouldn’t mind too much about the lighter skin tone because it might be due to different exposure in the sun (when photos were taken) but I hope you can see there’s definitely less blotchiness…


Do you see my dark circles and eye bags before and after? That’s not the Clarisonic Plus – you’re not supposed to use the unit on your eyes. That’s Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair for eyes. I started using it the same time as the Clarisonic Plus. Even if it says Night Repair, I was adviced to use it both day and night. Look at the results in 14 days! AndĀ I’veĀ been getting less sleep than before.Ā I will do a separate post on this.
So there.Ā *A pat on my own back for being so brave* I hope this was helpful. If you think this was informative, if you have any questions, please comment below. Also, since it’s a huge thing for me to show the world my bare face, a little “good one, Lily” wouldn’t hurt either. Heheh… I’m totally milking it, but hey, your comments and feedbacks are my motivation, ok?
  • Hello Lily! Glad the Clarisonic works for you! You look gorgeous, by the way =)
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  • Yes the photos definitely showed improvements! Your skin looks radiant! I can't even bring myself to post a photo of myself on my blog, what more without make up! I applaud your courage! =)
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  • Chloe.Ash

    Hi Sukie, Hahaha… Thanks. I was so milking for compliments but I think the pictures showed the improvements yeah? To be honest, it IS rather daunting posting those photos. Eek!

  • Chloe.Ash

    Aww… That's so sweet of you. Thanks!

  • xin

    i started using clarisonic MIA a while ago, abt 2 weeks now? and the most obvious result i observed was the less congested skin and whiteheads just fall out on their own! šŸ˜€ and i have a patch of pigmentation which seems to have lightened a little, i would bow to MIA if tht patch completely disappears!

  • Chloe.Ash

    Tell me about it! I'm using mine religiously, day and night! My freckles already lightened, as you can see in the photos. Let's hope our problems will disappear together! Definitely money well spent. I don't even think monthly facials will help with my freckles this quick =)

  • Honey

    Hi Lily. Bravo! Absolutely admire you for posting your naked face. But what is there to worry about? You look rather good to me šŸ™‚ Oooh, you sure in the 'after' photo you have absolutely nothing on your face? The result after 14 days is remarkable. Guess its time for me to head to Sephora, no?

  • Chloe.Ash

    Hi Honey! Thanks =) You're very sweet.

    I wouldn't say there's nothing on my face… as you can see, there are still freckles and some marks from spots, but compared to the before photos, there is obvious improvements, yes? Skin also feels so much softer and less blotchiness because of the daily exfoliation, I bet.Ā 

    I am so going to continue to use it diligently because the results are remarkable. Dare I say, better than treatment facials where I didn't see much improvements at all.

    Definitely money well spent! You know, will have free worldwide shipping like literally now, for only 24 hours. I'd suggest getting a Mia or a Pro there (they don't offer Plus) because it's sooooo much cheaper. The code you enter is 5000 (because they have 5000 Likes on Facebook). I'm gonna order brush heads from them. Sephora sells it at RM95 a pop, and they sell it for USD$40 for a twin pack. Worth checking it out.

  • Wynnce

    I'm having my Clarisonic Plus for a month now. Very satisfy with the result it does on my skin! I predict that I will cut down my number of visit to the facial salon too. By the way, really happy to see more of your recommendations on the cleansers that can be use together with Clarisonic. I've try Estee Lauder Flash Away, Cetaphil, Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser, Vichy Essentielles Foaming Facial Cleanser, etc. Currently looking forward to have a try on Dr Haushka Cleansing Milk, Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser, or Ole Henriksen On The Go Cleanser.

  • Chloe.Ash

    Hi Wynnce,
    So happy to hear you're noticing good results too! Definitely a great investment.
    I use whatever cleanser I have, really. Since I was trying out Hada Labo, I used their foaming face wash (the one in white tube). I also tried it with Shiseido's White Lucent before, and both of them worked great. The Clarisonic Plus set also comes with cleansers, and I've tried one of them. Works great too! So I guess it doesn't really matter what cleanser you use eh? =)

  • Wynnce

    The cleanser enclosed is no doubt giving me a smooth touch on my face (I've used the sensitive skin cleanser). However, I prefer a cleanser which can give me a more thorough cleansing result, etc. Hopefully you can share more experiments on the cleanser options for Clarisonic in the near future!

  • Chloe.Ash

    Hi Wynnce,
    I'll definitely take note! At the moment, I wash off all my makeup using an oil cleanser before using Clarisonic with a foaming cleanser. It works well for me šŸ™‚

  • Bobby

    Great results using the Plus. Would you allow me to use you before on after pics on my site I will give you full credit to the images and link back to your blog?


    • Hi Bobby,
      Thank you for asking. I prefer it if you’d just direct them to my blog.

  • Bobby

    Okay no problem Lily appreciate the response.


  • I just ended up here to see your review of the Clarisonic! It’s launching soon here in Belgium & I’m so anxious to try it out!!! Glad to see you got some good results out of it.

    • I love my clarisonic plus. I’m using it even until today! It’s great to give your skin a glow, and it kills dullness for sure šŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I think your freckles are cute :). But your skin looks great!

    • Aww, thanks šŸ™‚

  • mariah

    did you use it everyday or just a few times a week? what was your regimen like?

    • Lily

      Hi Mariah, as I’ve said in my blog post, I used the Clarisonic during cleansing every morning and night for 2 weeks. As for my regimen, I use cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer. Hope that helps.