Urban Decay 15 Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Woot woot!!! I got the palette!!! This post is for me to gloat… because it’s not yet available in Malaysia, but I got it from sgDrugstore. You can even search for sgDrugstore on Facebook. Great communication and excellent transaction =)

Anyway, here are some eye candy for you… get ready some tissue to wipe your drool. Muahahahah!!! *such an evil laugh*

Intricate design


Beware of the case – finger prints galore!
Shadows can be removed (see bottom right corner). Just pull them out and you can use the box to store jewellery
Better representation of colour – taken in natural light. See my reflection?


I did the swatches on my daughter Chloe’s arm. She was having loads of fun but I was very nervous because I was afraid she’d ruin my palette. Why would I say that? Well, she’s only turning 4 years old soon but she loves makeup. Her favourite colour is Deep End =) See the swatches below.

(L to R) Top and second row, in natural light
(L to R) Top and second row, flash
(L to R) Third and Fourth row, natural light
(L to R) Third and Fourth row, flash
Last row, natural light
Last row, flash


The shadows are soft and buttery but I don’t see much fall outs. If you like applying eyeshadow with your fingers, you have to be gentle when picking up the colours. If you press a little too hard, the shadow will get powdery on your fingers (picked up too much). To be on the safe side, better use a brush.

The colours are pigmented and very beautiful. There are neutrals, brights, darks, all in one palette. There are only 2 really bright colours in the palette, which are Junkshow (pink) and Deep End (teal). They might be bright but I assure you, they are wearable… and oh so gorgeous!! I don’t know if you can *read* my excitement, but I’m typing so fast, even my fingers are excited!

Anyways, if you will never wear the bright colours here, then, I’d suggest the Naked Palette which I also absolutely love. The Naked Palette retails for RM175 at Sephora Malaysia. The Urban Decay 15th Anniversary palette is not yet available but I heard it should be coming in September 2011.

Go stalk Sephora because I can definitely foresee this as another phenomenon where the palettes just fly off the shelves before you can say I… Fans of this palette already stalked Sephora Malaysia’s page on Facebook ever since its launch. Me included. Or, the easier way is like me – chase Ryan from sgDrugstore. I got it for RM215.

This is a MUST HAVE if you’re a shadow freak like me!!