An introduction to Peripera: Taupe Eye Shadow

Peripera is a Korean cosmetics brand which has recently launched a new website for worldwide online purchases. Yes, they ship worldwide. I have heard about them for a while, but never had the avenue to actually purchase the products. I don’t know if Peripera is available in Malaysia. I have not seen it in stores so far. Then again, given my busy schedule, I don’t stalk malls and I don’t live in Klang Valley where there is abundance of debauchery temptations. Please feel free to let me know if you saw this brand anywhere in Malaysia though.

These are the only 2 things I bought to try. A Smile-Fit blush and a Taupe eyeshadow.


It took about a week for me to receive the package and these 2 babies were in a bubble wrapped brown envelope. That explains the dented box, which I’m not too worried about. I don’t keep the paper boxes anyway. I like how they wrap the eyeshadow in a ribboned plastic bag. I don’t think it’s necessary, but it showed they want us customers to feel like we’re opening pressies. It’s a nice gesture.

I will talk about the blush in another post. For this post, I will focus on the Taupe eyeshadow I bought.



Here’s a close up of the lace and flower details on the cap. It’s a snap on plastic case that feels rather sturdy, not those cheap thin plastic. The featured flower seems to be everywhere. I’m cracking my head but just can’t figure out what flower this is! It looks like a lotus, but I can’t be sure. I searched their international site, but it didn’t give me any information on the company. Their official website is in Korean, and I don’t read Korean!



OK, I’m guessing it says eye shadow 2 taupe?? LOL! Anyone knows Korean? Help me out here. I do like the packaging. It’s really cute and girly, but not too ‘kawaii’ because I really cannot take too much kawaii-ness!  =)
Edited: Thank you reader Jess for highlighting: The name in Korean is not Taupe, it’s Brown Sunshine, which I can definitely relate to better than taupe. Brown sunshine makes me think of lighter brown with golden sheen which is what this is.



Here’s what the eye shadow looks like in the pan. Here’s the flower again! The powder is finely milled and I swatched the shadow with both fingers and brush. It’s not too powdery, so it didn’t cause much fall outs. I have tried some colours from Etude House and I didn’t like their eye colours. They seem to be too soft and powdery, and yes, LOTS of fall outs.



I’m not sure how to explain the colour. Taupe is usually greyish brown, but this looks muted golden brown to me. Not too much greyish tinge to it and the colour is light on the lids. Reminds me of Urban Decay’s Ruthless just a tad bit darker and more golden.

Here is a swatch, picture taken in natural light. I then tried it on my eyes, and the colour looked different too. So, I dare say the colour is NOT true to pan… and I’m pretty sure my eyes were working fine when I analysed this colour 😉 I will do a FOTD to feature both this eye shadow and the blush in another post.



You can check out Peripera’s international site here <click here>. I had a look at their official Korean website and I noticed that there are many more products available compared to their international site. Also, many of the products are out of stock. I think they’ll need to work on that stat to avoid customers’ disappointment. I find that many buy on impulse, and if majority of the popular colours are out of stock, well… people just go somewhere else! I also sent them an email about 2 weeks ago, and there isn’t any reply from them yet. Poor communication much?

The site and the poor communication do not represent the quality of the products, but I do like better customer service in general 😉 Maybe they haven’t got things sorted out yet and in a hurry to launch this site? In summary, I like the packaging, the eye shadow is of good quality, and the Taupe colour I got is interesting. I might try another colour but they really have to work on their product availability. It is an international site after all, unless they underestimated the customer’s purchasing power? LOL! All speculations here because I can’t get any hard facts from Peripera.

Here’s the price of the products if anyone is wondering:
Smile Fit blusher $18.50
Eye shadow $12.00

Any thoughts on this brand? Please share if you’ve tried Peripera before. If it’s hard to communicate with the online site, would you continue to purchase? Are you willing to try new brands just for the sake of it? I did it for the sake of the blog and you readers… not that I was itching to try something new or anything like that. Hahahahah!