Benefit They’re Real Mascara

I finally got my mascara, flown in directly from France! Just a couple of days after ordering online, the mascara launched in Malaysia =__=”. My luck. That nearly always happens to me. Hmpf! Anyway, the reason I got this is because I read and heard great reviews about this mascara. So, it’s one of the “must try” on my list. Since patience is soooooo not my forte, I ordered it directly from

The mascara comes in a paper box packaging that reminds me of medicated tubes of ointment I see at pharmacies. Don’t ask me why I thought that. I just did. The mascara tube looks different from the norm and it is a little fatter than most. The formula of the mascara is not too wet or dry which works perfectly fine on my lashes. I think the brush is something worth mentioning too.



The brush is prickly. It’s harder and ‘spikier’ than many other mascaras I’ve used. And trust me. I have tried many! Maybe my eyes are hypersensitive, and maybe I don’t have thick lashes to protect my lids. LOL! This is the only thing I don’t like about this mascara. I took a close up of the brush / applicator so you know what I’m saying. Of course, the uniqueness of this is the tip of the brush which also has spikes. I don’t think I can call it bristles because hey, let’s call a spike a spike, ok? The spikes are prickly but the brush itself is flexible and bendable – hence, I’m thinking maybe it’s made of rubber, or maybe soft elastic plastic?


I don’t know if it’s the brush or the mascara formula or both, but this baby does not clump at all! On first coat, lashes appear longer. No problem in separating the lashes. Second coat, lashes appear thicker and longer. Third coat, lashes are noticeably thicker and longer. I waited for the mascara to dry before applying another coat, just to test the clump factor. It DID NOT clump!!! I was like WHOA!!!!!!!!!! Hahahah… yeah, I’m easily impressed that way, especially with mascaras that don’t clump on my lashes.
Here’s a photo of my lashes, one with Benefit They’re Real mascara, the other without any mascara. See the difference?
Can I achieve this with any other mascara? Probably but with more difficulty I’m sure.
Are there any other mascaras out there that lengthens and thickens? Definitely! You can get it from any brand that sells mascaras. Find one that says ‘lengthens and volumizes”.
Will I repurchase? Probably… then again, if I can get the same effect with a cheaper mascara, I’d very likely buy the more affordable one. Mascaras are meant to be thrown out every 3 months! I remember using my Diorshow mascara for 5 months and my eyes got red. Once I stopped and used a new mascara, my eyes were all better.
Oh, before I forget – this mascara retails for RM90 at all Benefit Cosmetics counters.
What is your favourite mascara? Are you willing to spend on higher end mascaras or prefer inexpensive drugstore brands just because you have to throw it out every few months?