Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge for Cheeks & Lips: Summer Tan (to contour)

Summer Tan is the last of my Bobbi Brown’s pot rouge features. That’s all I have for now, unless I buy more. And I’m sure you must be bored with all these pot rouge posts. I promise I’m not endorsed in any way. I just love cream blushes. LOL! So, why do I have this when my skin is light? I can’t possibly use this as blush, can I? It’s brown and way too dark for me. Well, I use it to contour the hollow of my cheeks! You will be surprised how easy it is to contour using this.


Like all Bobbi Brown pot rouges, this little glass pot comes with a screw on plastic cap. It closes really tight and the product lasts a long time without drying out.


To use this particular colour, I usually use my fingers. I take some product on my ring finger, just one swirl on the pot, then swipe it down both the hollow of my cheeks. Maybe I should show you in picture. I’m gonna look ridiculous though! Before I show you the pics, here’s the swatch for you. As usual, the one on the left is heavily swatched while the one on the right is blended.


Now, if you refer to the picture on the left (below), I did a fish face to locate the hollow of my cheeks and swiped on the Summer Tan. Remember to use a light hand. After that, just use your fingers and blend it out, making sure the colour does not go too high up to your cheeks, and not too far down to your jawline.
The picture on the right shows Summer Tan blended. You are NOT supposed to see a patch of brown. It has to have the natural subtle effect… unless you want to do a sullen vampire look for Halloween. I also used Summer Tan on my lips. The pigment of this colour covers the red of my lips completely. You can compare it with my fish lips on the left. I didn’t have anything on for the photo. I find that the colour lasts a long time on my lips, but it’s also drying. That’s why I hardly use these pot rouges on my lips. Rather uncomfortable after the second hour.


I like to add pink blush on my cheeks whenever I use Summer Tan. It complements the look very well. Furthermore, I look more ‘alive’ with the pink blush 😉 I think the difference is quite obvious. Below, with blush, above, without blush. Once you apply your favourite blush on your cheeks, the look is more pulled together. Less emo?? Picture below is taken in natural light.


Below is another photo taken using fluorescent lighting, just to show you how the colour changes in different lights. I also experimented one in dimmer condition, but the photo turned out rather poor. I looked orange, actually. Using flash would have defeated the purpose. So anyhoo… maybe next time. I still need to improve on my photography skills. It is extra difficult taking self portraits!
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So, what do you think? Dark colours aint that scary anymore eh? I only contour like this when I’m super lazy. I prefer using powders for more control. And before you ask, no, I don’t contour every day. Maybe on days when I feel really fussy, feeling like I needed to do ALL the steps… contouring the face makes us look even better in photos. Erm, I know I should, but for most of the photos I have here on Chloe.Ash, I hardly contour. Hahah! Yeah, I’m lazy like that 😉
Hope you enjoyed this post! You can breathe a sigh of relief now… no more pot rouges in the near future. Heh =) Should I do a post on how to contour?