How to Fill in Your Brows

Our eyebrows are important to frame our face. Have you seen a person without eyebrows before? No matter how beautiful their face makeup is, if eyebrows are missing, the makeup can look incomplete. All of us have very different brow shapes. If you just have no idea whatsoever how to shape it, go to your trusted beautician to have it taken into shape. Then, all you have to do is to get rid of stray hairs every now and then.

For those of you who are more adventurous who want to give it a try yourself, here are 3 simple steps to determine your brow shape (OK, 3 simple steps just put a tune in my head – it’s from Playhouse Disney Special Agent Oso. If you have toddlers, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Sheesh! It’s driving me nuts!)


Start -> Arch -> End

First, determine the arch points by following the above diagrams. Use a pencil or your brush or a ruler. Place it where your nostril is.

Left: Point straight up, measuring against the inner corner of your eyes. This is where your brow should start

Middle: Imagine a straight line from your nostril to the centre of your eyeball to your brow. This is where your arch is supposed to be – the high point

Right: Another straight line from nostril to outer corner of your eyes. This is where you brows should end. It can be a little shorter, but not longer or it’ll make your brows look droopy.

The thickest part of our brows should be the starting point, tapering in to about 3/4 in size where the arch is, and then tapering to a fine point where the brows end. If you have a slim long face, flatter eyebrows without too much arch will suit you. A more angled arch will complement a round face. At the same time, thicker brows give a more youthful appearance.


Shiseido Maquillage Double Brow Creator BR611


Use a tool you’re comfortable with. Here I’m using Shiseido Maquillage Double Brow Creator. I find it easy rather easy to use, and I like the convenience of refills. The pencil tip allows precise drawing for the tail of the brows, and the sponge tip is good to fill in the the gaps without any harsh lines, hence looking natural.

Double Brow Creator Pencil : RM30
Double Brow Creator Powder : RM30
Double Brow Creator Holder : RM40

First, you use the tip of the pencil to draw lightly from the arch to the outer corner of the eyebrows for a clean sharp outline. Next, you apply the fiber-containing powder from the inner corner to the arch. All you have to do is fill in the shape using the points you determined just now. I sometimes use an ashy brown matte eye shadow and fill in my brows using an angled brush. I also like Empro Eyebrow Pencils which are easy to use. I heard good things about Shu Uemura’s hard eyebrow pencils but there are no Shu Uemura stores where I live. It’s impractical for me because according to the store assistant, it’s best to take the pencil back to Shu Uemura for complimentary sharpening.



See the difference in having the eyebrows filled? The difference shouldn’t shout Whoa! Eyebrows!! It should still look natural. Well, I like it natural anyway. So when filling it in, I use short light strokes that mimick my brow hair. I personally don’t want marker pen brows, unibrows or chola brows!

I have uneven eyebrows. One arch is higher than the other, and one is more sparse than the other. I also made a mistake of having my brows embroidered many years ago. I didn’t laser it away, and until today, it hasn’t faded 100% yet. I have to make it work by adjusting my left and right brows to match. Every time I fill in my brows, I always cross check.

When it’s done correctly, you’ll have a very nicely framed face. If you’re born with thick eyebrows, then filling it in shouldn’t be too much of your worry. You just have to make sure the brows are in place (nothing an eyebrow wax can’t do) and in shape (follow the diagram above or seek professional assistance). Unruly brows, ahem, look a little messy. I can’t say I experienced it myself. I on the other hand, do not have enough hair on my eyebrows. Hahahah!



When you have on a more natural makeup, brows should be a little lighter. If you have a more dramatic makeup with dark smoky eyes, then, you’ll want to darken the brows to match the intensity. Brow colours should also match your hair. If you have light hair, take the brows 2 shades darker. If you have dark hair, take it 2 shades lighter. If you dye your hair like me, just go with the flow and make sure you don’t have black hair and red brows. LOL! Personally, I think ashy colours look best and I like to have different shades of eyebrow pencils – for variety.

How to you keep your brows in shape? Tweeze? Wax? Shave? Do you fill it in?