Lining Your Eyes 102: Gel liners

Lining your eyes with gel liners is just the same as doing it with pencils, as I’ve done in 101. Now, for 102, the only difference is, in place of the pencil, you’ll be using a brush and a gel liner. There are a few brushes you can choose from. Angled brush, pointed liner brush and even the ones with flat tops that allows you to just push the product onto your lashline. Below is the photo I used for how to tightline your eyes… this shows a few of the brushes that you can use.


Here, I will demonstrate using Sigma’s Flat Definer E15 brush. This brush is comparable to a MAC 212 brush. I like this brush because it’s versatile. I can use it to fill in my brows, to push some dark eye shadow onto my lashlines, and here, I’m using it to line my eyes with gel liner. I do wish the E15 was more tapered in the end to provide a thinner line. In other words, the line I will be doing here will be a little thicker. When I want a thin line, I can just switch up the brushes.



1. I like to pick up some gel liner and put it at the back of my hand before lining. This is how I care for my gel liners too. The more you expose it to air, the faster it’ll dry up. So, quickly put the lid back on tight before lining your eyes.

2. With the E15 brush, pick up some gel liner from the back of your hand. Shouldn’t take too much though.

3. Gently press the brush onto your lashline. I like to lift up my lid a little when I do this – there’s no hard and fast rule, really. Just find a way you’re most comfortable with.

4. Just about 4 to 5 pushes on the upper lashline and I’m done! If I wanted to line my bottom lashline, I wouldn’t pick up more colour. I’d use whatever is remaining and push it to my lower lashline. It gives a more subtle effect, unless you want to achieve a more dramatic look.



See how easy it is with this brush? I don’t have to drag the brush on my lashlines and I don’t even need to have very steady hands to do this! The gel liner I used for this post is by Bobbi Brown, colour Black Ink. It is very black and gives a matte finish. Love gel liners by Bobbi Brown. They don’t smudge. I can wear it all day, go to my pilates class, drenched in sweat and this liner will not budge on me! Amazing…

What eyeliners do you like? Pencil, gel, liquid? Or are you those lucky ones born with thick lashes so you don’t even need to line your eyes?