Make Up Forever Liquid Foundation: Mat Velvet +

I have been loving my MUFE High Definition Primer and HD liquid foundation. The MUFE HD foundation is suitable for all skin types, and it is more lightweight in texture providing medium coverage. So far, it has been my Holy Grail foundation and primer… together with… Mat Velvet +!! I actually bought Mat Velvet + together with the other HD foundation and primer, at Sephora. These 3 are my favourite so far.

The Mat Velvet + is suitable for those with oily skin. This foundation also provides full coverage to cover blemishes and acne marks. Whenever I use this foundation, I don’t need to use any concealers. Well, I don’t usually cover the freckles on my cheeks, and with this foundation on, the more stubborn freckles still show. The lighter ones are covered by this foundation.



Mat Velvet + comes in a small bottle, smaller than the size of my palm. It squeezes out like a tube, and the foundation is light in texture. It does not go on heavy, and the foundation dries very quickly. So, I find I’m in a race with its drying time to blend out the foundation. LOL! No biggie though. I usually apply it by dotting some products on my face (forehead, cheeks, nose, chin) and blend it out using my Sigma flat top kabuki brush. Works like a gem with an airbrushes finish. Love it!



After applying the foundation, I don’t even have to finish it off with a setting powder! It dries soft and matte, with no sticky feeling whatsoever. This is the only foundation I have that finishes matte. I’ve read some reviews and feedbacks that this foundation breaks out some people. Well, I’ve been using for about a month now, alternating with my MUFE HD foundation, and I don’t experience any breakouts. It is still worth noting, if you have very sensitive skin.



I think you have seen many photos featuring the Mat Velvet + on my face, the latest being my post on Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge in Pale Pink. Just go to that post and have a look <click here>. The foundation shade matches my face to my neck perfectly, like I’m not wearing any foundation at all.

Repurchase? Definitely!! This and the MUFE HD range, even if it means having to travel more than 220km from my home to KL to get it!!!