No7 Concealer Brush

Yet again, thanks to my blogger friend, Sukie, I managed to get my hands on No7 concealer brush! I’ve already talked about the No7 foundation brush and the more I use it, the more I’m loving it. This concealer brush is another product that is highly recommended by respected professional makeup artist Lisa Eldridge, and since it is affordable, who wouldn’t want to try it? She also recommended Suqqu brushes, but not only is the brand not available in Malaysia, it is also expen$ive!! From the reviews I read, they always say “but oh, so worth it!”. Can they tempt or what? Sheesh! In a way, I’m also glad the brushes are so hard to attain. Otherwise…. *laughs*

I have other concealer brushes from Bobbi Brown (long and thin), Sigma (they have a few different ones) and Bare Escentuals, and I find that this No7 concealer brush is most comparable to Bare Escentuals Max Coverage Concealer Brush. They have similar shape, but as you can see, No7 has longer bristles and is more tapered. The only other brush I have that is comparable to these 2 are my MAC252 which is a larger eyeshadow brush made of natural fibers. The width and length of the bristles are comparable, but the MAC252 brush has a flatter straighter top.

Previously, I prefered applying undereye concealers by gently dabbing it in using my fingers, but I find that somehow, the concealers I used managed to sit in the fine lines. So, I have been using the Bare Escentuals brush to blend and it worked really well – fine lines don’t show that much now. Since I got my No7, I’m loving this too!


No.7 concealer, Bare Escentuals Max Coverage Concealer


Like its ‘comrade’ the No7 foundation brush, this No7 concealer brush is fatter and more precisely tapered when compared to other brushes, and in this case, the Bare Escentuals one. I love how the bristles are so fine that it made the synthetic fibers feel soft and smooth, but firm. I think I can say that the concealer brush is like a mini version of the foundation brush. They are shaped the same, just sized differently. After trying these No7 brushes, I now know why people rave about them. They are like pro brushes at drugstore price tags!! But mind you I haven’t tried any Suqqu’s or Hakudoko’s!


No.7 concealer, Bare Escentuals Max Coverage Concealer


I believe I paid £8.00 for this little baby. You can check it out at <click here>. The Bare Escentuals Max Coverage Concealer was part of the BareMinerals Starter Kit that was purchased at Sephora Singapore early 2010. So, I’m not sure how much it is when sold separately. You can definitely check it out at your local Sephora stores. Or Facebook them!

These 2 brushes work great blending out undereye concealers because their shapes and sizes fit the area perfectly. I usually use Dior Nude concealer for under my eyes. I just squeeze some product on the back of my hand, pick up some product using the brush and work it into the shadows under my eyes. Blends like a gem!

How do you like to apply undereye concealers, or are you one of the lucky ones *hmmpf* who just don’t get eye bags or undereye shadows *jealous*? What concealer brush do you like?