No7 Foundation Brush

Quality is always associated with higher price and vice versa. If something is expensive, you’d expect it to be better than its less expensive counterpart. However, I am now introducing to you, something of quality yet affordable! The No7 foundation brush – comes highly recommended by many beauty bloggers, and even Lisa Eldridge herself! If you didn’t know, Lisa is a UK-based reputable professional makeup artist and the creative director of No7! She is no freelance makeup artist who only claimed fame from YouTube, she is the real deal. No offense to YouTube gurus. I still love watching the videos 😉

The No7 foundation brush is made of soft synthetic fibers, as many other foundation brushes are. Here, I will compare it with my 2 other foundation brushes by MAC and Sigma. As you can see below, the width of the No7 foundation brush (center) is similar to that of MAC (left) but a little wider than Sigma (right). You will also notice the tip is round like Sigma (right), but MAC’s is flatter. I do like a more pointed tip because it will be easier to get into the smaller areas of our face like around the nostrils.


MAC 190, No.7 foundation brush, Sigma F60


All 3 foundations are made of synthetic fibers, but somehow, No7 managed to beat the other 2 in terms of softness. The synthetic bristles are made of finer strands compared to the other 2, hence it feels less plastic-y, if it makes sense. LOL!

The brush is soft with a little bounce. If you run your fingers through the bristles, you will feel it bouncing off your fingers. I tried it with MAC and Sigma brushes, and they are less bouncy. Is bounce good? I suppose it means the No7 brush holds its shape much better during application. The other 2 have bristles that have more give, so when you apply with too much pressure (which you shouldn’t be doing anyway), the brush will drag on your skin.  I wonder if you can tell the difference in the bristles by just looking at the photos…

As you can see in the photo below, No7 has longer bristles than the other 2, and way fatter. See the difference in thickness? It is also tapered to a point which I love. The side view looks like a bullet to me!


MAC 190, Sigma F60, No.7 foundation


With all that said, all these brushes do not shed. I can work with all 3 of the brushes and achieve the same finish. There is no stark difference in application. All the 3 brushes are soft (though they vary in a certain degree), in no way are they harsh on the skin. They apply evenly without streaks. However, I do like how the No7 feels on my face. It feels more… luxurious, if that’s the proper description. Maybe it’s due to the thickness and I did mention it has finer strands of synthetic fibers, no? And of course, it is way cheaper than a MAC!

You can put the foundation at the back of your hand, work it in your brush and apply it on your face. You can also dot the foundation on your face and spread it evenly with the brush. Either way, they work the same for me. Just remember to use a light hand. If you see the bristles bending 90 degrees or you feel your skin being dragged, you are applying too much pressure. Try holding your brush with a softer grip, and hold the brush no closer than midpoint. That will help you ease off your Bionic woman strength. Hahah!

This No7 foundation brush is priced at £14.00 at You can check it out here <click here>. You can also read another review by Marina from MakeUp4All here <click here>.

Since there is no No7 or Boots here in Malaysia, I got my blogger friend Sukie, a Malaysian living in the UK to get it for me. Thanks girl! She also helped me get the No7 concealer brush and Rimmel mousse eye shadow which I will be reviewing soon!

Wow, if you’re here, thanks for being patient with me. This is quite a long post. This is just one of the foundation brushes that I like. I prefer switching up the foundation brushes to spice things up! Heh =) When I’m in a hurry, I just apply it using my fingers. What do you use to apply liquid foundations?