Peripera Smile Fit Blusher in 05

This is the first ever Peripera blush I’ve bought and tried. As recommended by Hollyannaeree on YouTube, blush number 05 is the way to go. As luck would have it, 05 was in stock! I just checked again on their international site and it’s out of stock.


The Smile Fit Blusher comes in a 2-tier plastic container. I find that many Korean cosmetics brands put a lot of emphasis on making their packaging cute and girly. Peripera’s theme is definitely the lace and flowers which are embossed or imprinted on most of their products.



As you’d see, there is the first tier with the blush and the built in mirror, flip it up and there’s a brush in the hidden compartment. The brush is soft but it is not tapered as you’d see with higher end brands. In fact, the brush is cut blunt at the end, so you have a curved shape flat top brush, if it made any sense. It made for uneven application on my cheeks and it took me a lot of effort to make it work. Actually, I could work better using just my fingers. Hahah! So, my advise is, use your own favourite blush brush to apply.



I’d describe the colour as peachy pink, a really sweet pink based coral, actually. The powder is finely milled and when picked up with a brush, you do get some residue powder on the pan. I’d suggest tapping the brush a little to get rid of excess product before applying on the cheeks. The colour is pigmented and a little goes a long way. Blends well on cheeks too!


natural light


Swatches here are taken in different lighting conditions. I would say that this blush is more suitable for light to medium skin. I think this colour could turn up ashy on much darker skin tones, and a little too unnaturally light to be placed on the cheeks. Maybe it could work as very subtle highlights but I probably would give this a miss.


with flash


I mentioned my complaints about the company’s international site product availability and also the lack of communication in my previous post on its eye shadow. So in summary, other than my rant on that, and the brush that comes with it, this blush works great. I was surprised because for a more inexpensive product like this (it retails for USD$18.50), the quality of the blush itself is pretty good. Lucky for me too, this is a new colour to add to my blush family.

Would you try ordering from Peripera’s international site? You can go check it out here <click here>.  Have you tried any Korean cosmetics brands that you particularly like?