A gift from Dior! Erm, point redemption actually…

I really completely forgot about it. Isn’t it great when you get lovely customer service? I call this a good one. Somehow or rather, I managed to get enough points to redeem something from Dior. Don’t ask me how much I spent. *shudder* The beauty consultant actually redeemed for me on the last day of expiry! She couldn’t contact me, so she just did it anyways. I was walking happily at the mall when she spotted me, and told me she had a surprise for me!

Of course it was a wonderful surprise! Yes, I had to spend a certain amount in a year to be entitled to this gift, but hey, like I said, I completely forgot about the point redemption. So, to me, this is really a surprise =) So, what’s in the round box?


Ta-dah! There were 3 miniatures: One each of J’adore, Dior Addict and Miss Dior Cherie. How awesome is that??



And you know what? Gifts aside, it’s the service that I appreciate. She went out of her way to do this for me and I really appreciate it. True, it wasn’t really THAT hard for her to do this, but she really could have pretended not to know, right? I was going to repurchase my sunscreen from Shiseido, but hey, I decided to buy a Dior one from her instead. It’s called Diorsnow UV Shield. I will let you know what I think of it another day.



For now, I just want to savour these 3 little goodies. They look super cute in the little bottles. And of course, all 3 of them smell just lovely.

Have you experienced anything that makes you appreciate your beauty consultant even more? Or have you experienced something horrible that just puts you off that person AND the brand too?? Do share!


  • Hanny

    Awwww, ain't that sweet! Do tell me if you like them fragrances, might just get one after I've used up my DKNY Red Delicious! Heehee
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  • Chloe.Ash

    So if I like all of them, will you get all 3? Lol! They all smell different, of course and they suit different moods. I've always liked J'adore because it's a classy feminine fragrance…

  • milktea

    Woah! So nice of them! Great customer service. You must be a regular for her to spot you and call you over. 🙂

  • Chloe.Ash

    I know, right? That was super nice of them. Well, I do go there quite often… I even used their arms for swatches before. Hahahahah!!!!