Dior Diorskin Forever Liquid Foundation & Importance of choosing the right foundation shade!

** Warning: Heavy wordcount!! **

Today, I will be featuring Dior’s latest launch of foundation. It is the Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Fusion Wear Makeup FPS 25 SPF – PA +++.

Diorskin Innovation: Foundations infused with Skincare Essence
Each individual’s skin has unique and changing needs to reach its true beauty. The Dior research laboratories have created a unique Skincare Essence that acts like a tailor-made solution to satisfy the skin’s needs. This essence is infused at the heart of the formulas using an exclusive technological process to guarantee perfect osmosis between foundation and skin for fusion-wear hold.

This will be a long post, because I wanted to cover this foundation AND also the importance of choosing the right foundation shade. Bear with me =)

This foundation promises voluptuous textures for flawless perfection, a foundation that supposedly melts into the skin. It claims to provide day long wear, where the Skincare Essence will mattify or hydrate the skin wherever needed. With long term use, it will improve the skin’s quality for visibly smoother and more even complexion.



The foundation comes in a heavy glass bottle that feels very expensive. I like that it comes with a pump, and the silver embossing of the word Diorskin adds a touch of luxury to it. The foundation itself has a fragrance, a subtle smell that agrees with my nose. Smells like scented moisturisers, actually. One squirt on the pump gives me coverage of half my face. So, I need 2 squirts for a sheer coverage for my whole face, and maybe a 3rd one, to build up the coverage where needed. Picture below shows the amount of 1 pump.



I find that the foundation dries very quickly on my face, so working quickly is a must. I tried applying with both fingers and brush, and I find that applying with a brush will give a more even and sheer coverage. For me, at least, I tend to rub my face and pull the skin along the way. I have always prefered using brushes. Dior also recommends that we apply using a brush, and blend upwards and outwards on the face. I think one thing to note is that ALCOHOL is the 3rd ingredient listed. That explains the quick-dry factor, and if you’re sensitive to this ingredient, you might want to test it out properly before purchasing.



This product was sent to me for consideration, in the shade of 020. If you’re new to Dior foundations, the second digit represents the colour intensity. 1 is light, higher numbers represent darker colours. The third digit represents the tone. 0 is for beige, 1 is for yellow, 2 is for pink and 3 is for apricot. According to Dior, pink tones brighten the dull, light to medium light complexions. Apricot tones warm medium or darker complexions while yellower tones revive dull complexions and reduce redness. Also, always pick a shade closest to your natural skin tone. Darker shades will accentuate fatigue, wrinkles and spots.

Below is an illustration of how just one shade and one tone can make heck of a difference. My face gets red quickly while my neck and the rest of my body are quite pale with yellow undertones. I must use a yellow toned foundation to match the rest of my body. The shade I should choose is light, hence my Dior shade should be 011. I actually went to the counter to ask for a sample so I could show you guys. Good news is, there are plenty of shades to choose from, different tones of 0, 1, 2 and 3 and intensity from 010 to 040 are available!



If a wrong shade is used, even the slightest difference (in this case, just one shade and one tone difference) can change the way we look. Can you spot the difference below? 011 matches very close to my natural skin tone, but when you look at 020, my face appeared dull, with more spots and dark circles. I applied both shades the same way with the same coverage.



Other than the boo boo on the shade, which has no impact whatsoever on the quality of this foundation, I really like this! I have combination oily skin, and even with the crazy hot and humid weather here (about 34 degrees celcius), the foundation stayed. Oil control was excellent. I didn’t have to blot and it lasted the whole working day from when I applied it at 7.30am to when I take it off at 7pm. That’s close to 12 hours.

The foundation did not dry out my skin even with alcohol as part of its ingredients, and skin did feel smooth and dewy. I did not feel the need to powder after this foundation because it has a semi matte finish. It goes on sheer, but enough to even out the skin. If I build up the coverage, it is enough to cover spots and dark circles, but not my freckles. The best thing is, it doesn’t look like I’m wearing anything!

In summary:
Light texture, melts into skin: Check
Smoothens skin, soft to touch, mattifies & hydrates where needed: Check check check!
Long wearing: Check
Improves skin condition: No comment – didn’t wear it long enough to find out.
What I dislike: This foundation has no stretch to it. A foundation with good stretch will only require 1 pump, but this one needs 2 to 3. It also dries a little too quickly and working fast is a must. Using a good brush helps blend seamlessly, especially when the foundation is about to dry.
Price: RM140 for a 30ml bottle

So question: What am I gonna do with this whole bottle of 020? Such a waste of a good stuff! If it’s in shade 011, I think I’ll be in heaven. Have you tried this foundation yet? I also hope the extra coverage on choosing the right foundation shade has been helpful!