FOTD: Really Red Lips

I have a confession. I never had the guts to wear very red matte lipstick. I’d look at myself and think I look weird. All the attention is on my lips and I don’t exactly have the sexiest of lips! So I’d always go for sheer glossy reds that are less intimidating. Oh, and I take the longest time to get it right. For attention seeking lips like this, maintenance is also a problem. I know I’d spend hours in the ladies touching up – yes, I’m anal like that.

I’ve been curious about Snow White lips lately, and I tell myself, maybe I can do it better now. Lisa Eldridge made it look so easy and she pulled it off so beautifully! Paris B also loves her reds and she glows in it! Surely it can’t look that bad on me?? So here we go, Lily and red red lips…


I’m so unsure about this whole look, I keep on checking the LCD screen on my Canon G12. LOL!  This is the first time I’m photographed wearing a matte red – Revlon’s Matte Lipstick in Really Red. I must admit though, this lip colour makes my teeth look super white. I applied the lipstick using a lip brush, without any lip liner at first, but somehow, the colour bled. Bleeding red lips, erm… not flattering. So, I lined my lips using my one and only red lip liner by Elizabeth Arden in Crimson. It’s a darker red, so I had to blend it out together with Revlon’s Really Red.

I took the photos at night and the lighting at home was very bad. In fact, the Me you see in these 2 photos are my reflection in the mirror. Best lighting there. LOL! For the photos in this post, my husband edited them for me using a more complicated software. It’s only to adjust the lighting and the dulled out red. He did his best to make sure the red looked true to its real colour. Thanks dear!
But erm, I think my skin tone changed from warm to cool toned though… ssshhhh…. I can’t complain because I begged him to help me!


Also featured on my face:

Eyes: Lunasol Autumn / Winter 2011 Eye Palette 04 Cool Beige (keeping it understatedly neutral)
Mascara: Revlon Growluscious
Brows: Empro Brow Pencil Golden Brown
Foundation: Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation for Combination Skin 180 Sand Beige (testing phase)
Cheeks: Revlon Matte Lipstick Really Red (blended quickly with fingers… looking back at the photos, I wish I blended it out even more!)



Do red lipsticks suit you? Do you like bright primadona lips? What’s your go to lipstick for this kind of look? Do share. I hope you liked this and that I’ve somehow tickled some curiosity in you to maybe want to try this look as well!