Keeping it simple – Smoky Shimmers for Night

I haven’t done this look for going out in a long time now, and thought it would be fun to share this very simple look with you.

All you need is a black cream eye shadow and some sparkly silver or gold powder eyeshadow. Oh, and of course black eyeliner and mascara. That’s all you need.

First off, I applied MAC paint pot in Blackground all over my lid, softening it toward the crease. Just pack on the colour on the lid with fingers or a brush, and use a fluffy brush to diffuse harsh edges around the crease. I also used a pencil brush (the smaller the better) to softly smudge my lower lash line with paint pot as well. When you look in the mirror now, you should be looking like a panda or a raccoon. That would be correct. Then, using a cotton bud, or two, soften the edges of the lower lash line.



Now, just add sparkles / shimmers to the cream base you just did and you won’t look like a raccoon anymore. I also applied it on my lower lash lines to brighten the whole effect. Now, with a super black eye liner, line the rims of your eyes. My eyes are round, so I like to elongate them a little by dragging the liner further than the outer corner of my eyes.

With eyes like this, it’s best to darken the brows. It’s also to frame and complete the whole look. I lightly buffed on bareMinerals matte foundation in Lightly Golden and added some life to my cheeks with NARS Orgasm. Any peachy pinky colour will do. For the lips, I prefered it matte and nudeĀ (since the eyes are quite shimmery already), so I used Revlon’s Mauve It Over.



I hope you’ll try it! Oh, and you’ll probably get fall offs from the shimmers and glitters, so just remember to dust it off later. Another way is, do the foundation AFTER your eyes. That would keep the your face cleaner. Yes, that’s what I thought after I get glitters all over my cheeks. DUH!

Hope you liked it =)