MAC Cremeblend Blush Florida

I think you’ve pretty much figured out that I love my cream blushes. When applied correctly, they last just as long as powder blushes if not longer. They are not drying and if you’re more mature in age, cream blushes make skin look more luminous, hence younger. Some cream blushes also multi task as lip colours which is a bonus.

I know you won’t like this very much, since this blush I’m gonna talk about is a limited edition from January 2010, MAC in Lillyland collection, but it’s the colour that I want to show you. Bright Fuschia Purple!!! Wouldn’t you shy away from this colour immediately? It’s scary in the pan!

I talked about the creamy texture of my MAC Cremeblend Posey being similar to that of butter, and this is no different. This blush is crazy pigmented though. I swatch it with my fingers and it leaves a pink stain after I wipe it off with tissue. Just a tiny dot of the product goes a long way, and I don’t think I can ever hit the pan with this one. I could try, but it’ll probably dry out before I succeed.



The beauty with cream blushes is, you can always sheer it out. This blush blends easily and with just a tiny dot on your cheeks, the colour stretches to a beautiful pop of colour, like bright cotton candy pink. Or you can even mix it with a tiny bit of foundation, and voila, a muted version of the colour! Below is the swatch on my arm, and you can see that you don’t have to mute it down. It’s beautiful as it is, sheered and blended out.


Left heavy; Right sheer


So, my point is, don’t be afraid of bold colours! Be adventurous and try out a crazy colour like this. It’s a fun and youthful colour that adds life and energy to the face. Are you tempted or considering to try?