Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eyeshadow

Shiseido recently launched its new line of cream eyeshadows and from my experience, this one beats all of Shiseido’s previous attempt in cream eyeshadows. I am a fan of MAC’s paint pots and Bobbi Brown’s cream eyeshadows. I have yet to try Make Up For Ever’s aqua cream which has garnered a lot of positive attention. I was curious about these and the swatches I did at the counter showed lovely colours. These are the 2 more neutral and versatile colours that I bought and here is my 2 cents on Shiseido’s latest launch.


A lightweight cream eye shadow with a radiant, lustrous finish that maintains a just-applied fresh look for 16 hours without smudging or creasing. Applies easily with your fingertip for a smooth, even finish. Hydrates skin with Super Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing DE (a Shiseido-original ingredient that moisturizes and improves dryness to give eyes a fresh look all day long).

GR707 Patina is described as lustrous metallic bronze and BR709 Sable is described as luxurious taupe. Well, taupe, I can agree. Metallic bronze as description? Maybe warm dark green with fine gold shimmers? …



Shiseido claims that these cream eyeshadows stay without creasing or fading for 16 hours, thanks to its unique ingredient Smooth Fit Base – uses Shiseido’s exclusive patent-pending emulsification technology to quickly remove excess oil and water after application, leaving only the essential reflective pearl and moisturizing ingredients behind on lids. This exceptional adhering quality is what gives the shadow its strong resistance to creasing and fading.


natural light


Picture above is taken in natural light, and the one below is taken with flash. Left is Patina, and right is Sable. I have tried applying this with my fingers and brushes, and they do apply smoothly. I personally prefer using brushes, as I always have. The colours are pigmented and there’s plenty of time to blend out the colours: it doesn’t dry / set as quickly as MAC’s paint pots, hence much easier to blend different colours together. Just use an eyeshadow brush to pat on the colour for a more intense look, and use a fluffy brush to diffuse the colours and blend it out.




Below are the swatches, one taken in natural light and the other using flash. As you can see, they shimmer quite prettily. According to its press release, it’s due to its Jewel Reflecting Powder – a shimmering powder that reflects different colors from every angle, emitting an intense radiance. Well, I wouldn’t say intense, but enough to give the eyes some life and dimension.


natural light


These cream eye shadows do not last 16 hours on my oily lids when used alone. Its Smooth Fit Base technology is supposed to enhance the staying power to 16 hours without creasing or fading too, and well, it still creased on me, though after a good 6 to 8 hours. Ah, alas, when used with a good eye primer, it stays on more beautifully, much longer.

These eye shadows retail for RM75 a pop and they come in little pots that are not bulky or heavy. You might think MAC’s paint pots are bigger (ie with more products) but don’t let the size of the packaging deceive you. Shiseido has 7g of products in it and MAC’s has 6g only. As far as permanent lines are concerned, MAC has more neutral toned paint pots (though they have some limited editions from time to time) and Shiseido’s are more vibrant in colours. I am doing this comparison here because I have most of MAC’s paint pots. Love ’em!



Source: Shiseido, Temptalia


These shimmering cream eye shadows come in 12 different colours:

Mist (WT901)                 Soft pearly white
Magnolia (PK302)           Fresh bright pink
Techno Gold (GD803)     Brilliant yellow gold
Meadow (BE204)            Warm, glowing beige
Purple Dawn (VI305)       Intense violet
Leather (BR306)             Rich, reddish brown
Patina (GR707)               Lustrous metallic bronze
Moss (GR708)                Vibrant bright green
Sable (BR709)                Luxurious taupe
Tin (SV810)                   Rich silver
Angel (BL711)               Deep, teal-toned blue
Caviar (BK912)             Glossy, shimmering black

Shiseido Malaysia has a Make Me Beautiful campaign at the moment, hopping from one state to another for a national roadshow. If I’m not mistaken, they’re in Malacca at the time of writing. You can check out their products there and maybe join in the fun 😉 Go to Shiseido Malaysia’s website at for more information, or check out their Facebook page. For international readers, you can go to for its product information.

Do you like cream eye shadows? Which is your favourite? Or do you prefer to stick to powder?