Does it work for you? SKII Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel

I first heard about SKII from my mom about 10 years ago. It was the miracle water that, in my opinion, smells a little off. Last year, I decided to give the range a try, from cleansers to toner to its miracle water and serum. This brand got a lot of raves by my circle of friends, so I decided to give it a go. It cost a bomb and for the first week, my skin looked fantastic. However, after a while, my skin started getting congested – more noticeably when I started using the range exclusively. I suspected my skin is allergic to its key ingredient, Pitera, a form of rice extract. It took chemical peeling and a month of skincare diet (Cetaphil cleanser and topical antibiotics only) to make my skin back to norm.

What I remembered, however, is that I quite liked the texture of its cleansing gel. I had to redeem something from the points I collected, so what the heck, let’s give it a try again. Just this cleanser. How bad can it be?



A makeup remover that quickly blends with your foundation and the dirt embedded in your pores. Removes impurities perfectly without damaging skin. Contains SKII Pitera which helps revitalise the skin’s natural renewal cycle and balances the skin’s natural pH after cleansing. Leaves your skin feelings refreshed and dewy moist after use. Benefits: Texture refinement, firmness power, wrinkle resilience, radiance enhancement, spots control


This gel must be applied onto dry face. I gently massage this all over my face, except the eye area, for about a minute. The face massage (even though I had to do it myself) is a relaxing ritual that marks an end to a stressful day at work. I then rinse it off before proceeding with my skincare routine, beginning with my foam cleanser. I like to double cleanse even if I didn’t apply makeup because the sunscreen I use has high SPF which can block my pores. Furthermore, this is actually a gel makeup remover, as described by SKII above.

The gel is very smooth, and it looks like liquefied pearls in the jar. When it’s on the skin, the warmth of our body heat melts the gel texture a little so it glides like oil. However, I think this cleansing gel also confirmed that I really am allergic to Pitera. Even by just using this for removing my makeup, I get bumps around my chin area. Eeks!



As a makeup remover, I don’t find it very effective because it doesn’t take off the makeup completely. There is still residue and I can’t use it to remove my eye makeup. When put to test against my recent fave, Clinique’s Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm, this one pales in comparison. Furthermore, it’s too pricey for what it’s worth. Not to mention the breakouts. Sigh. Sometimes I do wonder if it’s so darn expensive because of research and ingredients, things that add value to the products’ quality or the celebrity endorsements of A-listers from all over the world! To be fair, I know of many people who can’t live without SKII. They claimed that it transformed their skin from bad to good, good to fabulous! Perhaps, if I had the same testimonial, I wouldn’t care about the monetary sacrifice. Would you?

Have you tried this cleanser before? Does SKII products break you out too? Are you one of those loyal followers who absolutely love SKII? Someone I know is a fanatic, a fierce believer that it works miracles, and she absolutely refused to believe that SKII breaks me out. LOL! Do share your experience if you’ve tried any of its products before. I’d love to know =)