Maybe it’s Chanel? Le Blanc Whitening Moisturizing Fluid

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’d know I loved Chanel’s Hydramax Active Moisturiser. I ran out of it a while ago, and decided to use up my samples before purchasing another full bottle. I started clearing out my Shiseido’s White Lucent moisturisers. I was so used to the barely there matte finish of Chanel’s moisturiser that this just feels oily. I didn’t realise it before, but by mid day, my T-zone gets shiny. It’s not a good thing because the oil oxidises my foundation, hence giving me a cakey forehead. Ugh! It’s been a while since I had this problem.

So, I went back to Chanel to replenish my Hydramax, only to be recommended a new line called Le Blanc. It has both moisturising and whitening properties in its ingredients, perfect for my skin condition right now. My skin always needs moisturisation, and I have a few pimple marks to clear. Without much thought, I bought it. The lady was also kind enough to give me samples of Le Blanc nanolotion (toner) and the Le Blanc Concentrate (serum).



Aah, finally, back to something that agrees with my combination skin. There is no oily residue whatsoever, and my face is kept matte nearly the whole day. No more oily T-zone by midday! This doesn’t break me out and it also claims to be non-comedogenic.┬áSkin feels soft and supple almost immediately on application, looking refined and dewy but never shiny. What can I say? Apparently, my skin loves Chanel. What an expensive taste. Ugh! I would be much richer if something that costs less than RM50 makes my skin happy. Wait, well, at least I have the Hada Labo SHA – I’ll stick to that toner for a while longer =)



The packaging of this moisturiser is classy in clear white glass and embossed black letters. Feels expensive and luxurious, and it definitely is heavy. It is, after all, Chanel… down to the scent of the moisturiser! The fragrance is soothing, never pungent, and if you don’t like moisturisers with scent, fret not. I could only get a whiff of it during application. It goes away rather quickly once it absorbs into skin. Aaah, decadence with goodness.



What I don’t like about it? Well, I suspect it’d be a dud to travel with. This little bottle is very heavy. An option is to transfer some moisturiser to a travel friendly container. Another thing is, the price. Hefty! This 50ml bottle costs RM300. Yikes! Geographically speaking, it is an inconvenience for me because there is no Chanel where I live. There. 3 negative points for me which means nothing much compared to how my skin feels after application. Vanity outweighs the rest after all.

Have you tried any of Chanel’s skincare? If you know that the skin care works for your skin, better than any other you have tried, would you let the price stop you? I mean, not your whole month’s salary, but something that you can painfully and reluctantly afford? Do share =)