Protect your face with Diorsnow UV Shield

I recently used up my Shiseido Multi Defense to the last drop and wanted to purchase another bottle. Then, because I was so touched by the customer service at Dior, I just had to get it from them. So here it is. Dior’s Diorsnow UV Shield, called White Reveal Moisturizing UV Protection, with SPF 50 PA+++. Mine is in shade Pearly White.


Diorsnow offers a new way of understanding transparency. Based on a unique technology, Dior’s innovative Transparency Enhancing Complex (T.E.C.), the new Diorsnow range acts on the 5 key features of transparent skin; evenness, luminosity, moisture, plumpness and skin texture fineness.

As light as it is active, this lightweight shield immediately protects and hydrates the skin. A powerful UV filter ensures effective protection against spot-inducing UV rays. Its moisturising formula delivers instant comfort and leaves the skin soft and supple to maintain an incredibly transparent complexion. Diorsnow UV Shield is available in 2 shades: Translucent for flawless natural finish and Pearly White for a silky and luminous finish.

The sunscreen comes in a tube like toothpaste with a pump. I like this packaging because there is less wastage of products. I can imagine using it to the end, and I can squeeze out the remaining product. Of course, I always prefer using something from a tub or a jar, then I know I can get to the very last drop! With the fancy packaging nowadays, I sometimes find it hard to see how much product I have left, and I also find it difficult to take the bottle apart without ruining the whole thing. Oh well.



This sunscreen is white and thick when pumped onto my fingers. I’m quite used to the light watery texture of my Shiseido Multi Defense now, so going back to something thick takes some getting used to. My first impression was, Uh oh… is this gonna be thick and heavy??

One pump is more than enough to cover my whole face. I make some white dots on my face with the sunscreen before patting it in. I’m surprised at how quickly it absorbs into my moisturised skin. Initially, I was taken aback by the white cast on my face. After a short while, less than a minute I’d say, my face does not look whitish anymore. In fact, it looks brighter and smoother.



The sunscreen doesn’t smell much, and it didn’t turn oily on me either. Due to its heavier texture before application, I expected it to give me some shine on the T-zone by mid day. I was pleasantly surprised that it did not. In fact, it kept my skin feeling moisturised and dewy.

The instruction leaflet in the box describes it as:

This fresh, moisturizing and powerful cellular shield provides reinforced active protection against UV rays and oxidative stress to help defend and protect the cells from daily stress factors. Its lightweight texture offers immediate comfort and leaves a sensation of softness. As if invincible to stress factors, the skin remains bright, even and luminous, radiating with pure transparency like a diamond.


So, how does it compare to my favourite sunscreen, the Shiseido Multi Defense UV Protector? Texture wise, this one is thicker and takes longer to absorb into skin. Dior initially leaves a white cast on my face but a bright dewy finish after. Shiseido’s just very quickly absorbs into the skin leaving the skin feeling very smooth and powdery. Dior has whitening effects, Shiseido’s doesn’t. Both keep my skin comfortable throughout the whole day but Dior is more moisturising. Price wise, Dior is steeper. However, Dior does more than just protecting the face from harmful UV rays.

The 30 ml tube costs RM170 and is available at all Dior counters nationwide. I’m using this exclusively at the moment, and I am not experiencing any breakouts. If a product is too greasy or heavy, I get bumps around my chin and forehead but so far so good. Here’s the list of ingredients if any of you are interested:



If you’re looking for a sunscreen, this might be an option. I will probably go back to my Shiseido after I’m done with this. It is RM45 cheaper for one, and I’m already using whitening serums, so I don’t really need more of that in my sunscreen. However, I’m happy I purchased this because it helped the beauty consultant with her sales, I could repay her good deed and it’s not bad a product anyway. I just prefer a very light texture for high UV protection =)

Do you use sunscreen religiously? I never step out of the house without it! LOL. What’s your favourite sunscreen?