Second Skin it is: Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua

This is the first Chanel foundation I’ve tried. I was looking for something with sheerer coverage, lightweight and natural. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup, Instant Natural Radiance SPF 15 does all that. The shade I selected is Beige Ocre – Tendre (BO20) which is suitable for skin with yellow undertones. My skin also suffers from some redness and the yellow tint in this shade helps lessen the redness and brighten the face. I do wish they carried B10, but this shade is not available in Malaysia.

Chanel boasts that this foundation is soft and ultra-thin, made for a second skin effect. The texture of this foundation is very fluid, like water. I usually dot the foundation on my cheeks, forehead and chin, and use my fingers to gently blend it outwards. It doesn’t streak and it just sinks into the skin and disappear, leaving a trace of coverage, but my natural skin tone still shines through. This Chanel foundation leaves my skin feeling soft and powdery, but moisturised and even toned at the same time. I don’t even need to powder after. I think I’m falling in love all over again.



With such a light foundation like this, coverage is only light to medium. So, if there are any imperfections or blemishes that you need to hide, you’ll have to use a concealer. Chanel claims that this foundation gives you a luminous and naturally radiant finish, and I do agree. Exclusive to Chanel, the High-Definition Light Pigments reflects pure light, hence giving the skin a soft focus effect. Part of the ingredients are Lotus Water and a Brown Seaweed Extract which act to help instantly restore radiance and vitality to the complexion.



As all the Chanel products I’ve tried, this foundation has a lovely fragrance that does not choke, but pleasant and soft enough that once the foundation seeps into the skin, the scent also disappears. A note to remember when using this foundation: You must shake the bottle before use. Otherwise, once you squeeze the bottle, the first thing that comes out is water instead of foundation. I found that the hard way 😉 I’ve been using this foundation the whole week now, and I really like it. My face does not get oily by mid day, and it doesn’t break me out, which is a good thing. I bought this 30ml bottle at the Chanel counter for RM156.



This is what BO20 looks like, which is a scary yellow, but once blended, it just disappears! See below.



I just asked a friend to help me buy B10 from the UK and this fellow blogger happily obliged. Such a nice girl. Thanks Sukie! This is a change from my other foundations because it is so lightweight it literally doesn’t weigh down the skin. It claimed to be a second skin – and it is. Lurve it! I heard the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation has the same texture, but I wouldn’t know because this brand is not available in Malaysia at the time of writing.

Have you tried this or any other Chanel foundations for that matter? Maybe you’ve tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix? Do share your thoughts. I’d love to read them!


  • Hanny

    Glad it works for you! ^.^ Now when I don't really have to meet people, I just go with some primer and Mac Blot, teehee! ^.^ I'll leave the foundation for school days.
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  • Chloe.Ash

    Well, I have to meet people every day. So, can't really run from it. I think that even how minimal, I have to be presentable when I'm at work. I still don't understand those who go to work bare faced, looking like they just woke up. IMO, it shows a 'I don't care' attitude. At least some lippie or a gloss, pls!

  • yukaeshi

    Ooooh nice. I think this may be a lemming for me 😛
    I'm normally not a fan of liquid foundations because I find them either too cakey or have thick coverage (I prefer a lightweight, sheer coverage) but liquid foundations now seem to be changing my mind! I've always liked Chanel's foundations (I've tried Mat Lumiere and Vitalumiere compacts) so I may have a look at this 🙂 I've also recently tried RMK's liquid foundation and found myself in love with it too 😛
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  • yukaeshi

    PS, I am so envious that you and Hanny have Sukie overseas to get stuff for you girls! 🙁 I wish I have a friend overseas at least to get stuff for me too. Can't find some stuff here for sure *sigh*
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  • Chloe.Ash

    Well, this is lightweight for sure! You have to try it. Furthermore, it's not that much more pricey than other foundations like Dior or Lancome. I totally recommend this.

  • Wynnce

    i like this alot !!!! lightweight and since they didnt carry my shade, i opt for their compact version – BO10. I LOVE THE COMPACT TOO!!

  • Chloe.Ash

    Talk about shades, BO20 is a tad bit darker than I'd like. Good thing Sukie is getting a B10 for me from the UK!! Then, I might give this to my mom. Lol!

  • yukaeshi

    All right, will try it out whenever I can! 🙂 Yeap, it's not that much pricier than most liquid foundations I've seen, so will do 😀
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  • Chloe.Ash

    This is so good for a light coverage, when you don't want anything to weigh down your skin, ya know? I think it's great!


  • Sabrina

    I heard alot people love this foundation. The yellow undertone makes me wannabuy it! Hehe…
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  • Chloe.Ash

    It's really worth a try! The texture is lovely and it's great for days when you want to look the most natural!