Dior Couture Gold makeover: Duh-ra-ma!!

Dior at Jusco Ipoh just had a makeover to mirror their counters in the Klang Valley. There was a re-launch and a mini event for their fans. Other than getting my nails painted, I also managed to score a makeover. The magician makeup artist is Zaidi. I’d rather not post a before and after photo Lisa Eldridge style, because well, you get to see much simpler day time appropriate looks in my other posts anyway.

The star product of the makeover is Dior Couture Gold (554) 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette. It’s a great palette that takes you from day to night. This palette has a dark brown, and 4 variations of gold with different finishes. Temptalia has great swatches of this palette, and Christine even did a daytime look with it. Without further ado, let’s move on to the makeover! Photos were taken by the hubby, and he also helped me with this collage. Thank you so much!!! Actually, he couldn’t stand seeing me fumble with whatever I was doing, so he took over. Heh…



  1. After priming my face (Diorskin Radiant Base 002), lids (Skinflash) and lips, Zaidi shaped my brows. Since this is a dark smokey eye look, there’s bound to be fall offs. So, he said that it’s better to apply foundation after to keep the face as clean as possible.
  2. With the waterproof Crayon Eyeliner in 094 Noir Trinidad, he drew an almond shaped thick line on my lids, to act as a dark base. He also pulled the liner further than the outer corner of my eyes for an illusion of more elongated eyes.
  3. I like that this eye kohl has a smudgy tip at the end. It’s great for blending out harsh edges. Beats using a brush, really. Zaidi used that smudgy tip to soften the edges of the liner.
  4. To set the liner, he pat on the dark brown shade (bottom left of the 554 eye palette) onto my lids and lower lashline. He then used a taupey gold (bottom right) on my crease, and the light gold (top left) to highlight my brow bone. With the sparkly gold in the centre of the palette, he dabbed it onto my lids for an extra dramatic bling bling effect. He applied 2 different mascaras on my lashes. One for lengthening (Diorshow), another for volume (Blackout).
  5. After wiping off the makeup ‘debris’ on my cheeks, he applied the Diorskin Forever liquid foundation in shade 011 on my face followed by Diorskin Forever pressed powder in 002. Skin looked flawless.
  6. He contoured the hollows of my cheeks with the All Over Shimmer Powder 002 and then applied a pink blush (829) on the apples of my cheeks. Lipstick completed the look. I managed to get a tip on how to make your lipstick last. In fact, it lasted through dinner on me. Stay tuned for that!

If I kept my lips nude, it would’ve looked like this. However, I was being extra bold that day. I mean, when is a better time to do something I’d never do, especially with Zaidi doing it for me? This picture captured the eyes quite well though. I absolutely loved it!



Here it is, the complete look. Dark eyes and blood red lips! My reaction was like Whoa… who’s that? I chose a picture where I didn’t really smile because this look ain’t for smiling, yo! I looked like an idiot when I smiled. Hahahah! And that’s Zaidi – the one who transformed me beyond recognition. I felt like a movie star, especially with my hubby snapping away.



For this extreme transformation, here is a photo of what you need. I really can’t list them all down, because that will take another post. Zaidi even said that for models, the transformation takes literally one full day. That includes skincare, masks and relaxation before the hair and makeup. So, you wonder why models and celebrities look good?



Here is another photo where you can see the full effect of the makeup.


I think for all the photos, you can click on them to see a larger image. I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you tried an intense look like this before?