Drink up! Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX

It’s hard not to live with air condition. It’s so friggin’ hot here that it is a torture to live a day without air conditioning at all. Imagine going to work without it, driving in your car without it, shopping in a mall without it. I’d rather jump off into the sea and live as a mermaid!

Of course, there is always a trade off – drier skin. I have combination oily skin, but the surface of my skin is on the dry side. It’s not really bad because there is no flaking, but I know my skin is dehydrated when whatever skin care products I apply get absorbed almost immediately. Oooo… this calls for a hydration emergency. One of the products I discovered, that really helped with quenching my thirsty skin is Laneige Water Sleeping Pack EX.



I’ve never tried a sleeping pack before, so this will be my first. Sleeping pack is a mask you apply and go to sleep with. That’s right. Apply the mask, don’t wash it off, and just go to sleep. Whoa! Is it gonna ruin my pillows and sheets? That was my first question. You’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t. I like to apply it after all my skincare routine – from cleanser to toner to eye care to serum to moisturiser then this, sleeping pack. Wow. Things women slap on their faces.



This mask has a light gel texture that gets absorbed very quickly on my dry skin. I do not dip my fingers into the pot, but I like using the spatula that comes with the mask. I take just enough to spread a thin layer all over my face, and if I felt that the mask is absorbed a little too quickly, I’d put on another thin layer. I sleep in an air conditioned room, so I feel it is important to keep my face hydrated enough. It feels like putting on a thicker layer of gel-emulsion moisturiser on the face, and it dries like it too, leaving the face soft without being sticky.

I wake up to softer dewy skin that is not oily at all. When I wash it off in the morning, there is no slippery layer of mask on my face left. They are all absorbed into the skin. My thoughts from the first experience: Awesome! I’ve been using it on alternate nights and I can see the difference after 2 weeks. My skin is less dry, foundations do not sit on the surface of the skin and overall, complexion looks less tired and dull.



Another good news? This 80ml tub retails for only RM100. You can see on the box that says snow crystal clear and hydrated skin with snow water science. Well, for me, I really don’t care what science is applied as long as it delivers results. Looks like this snow water science works wonders on my skin. I have been using it for a month now, and I’m happy to note this mask does not break me out either. I have been combining this mask with argan oil (apply oil in place of serum) and it is even better for my skin!

However, if you have very dry skin, it might take more for it to work. My mom tried it and she said it doesn’t work as well for her dry mature skin. She has been applying it nightly though, and after a month, she does see some improvement.

Have you tried this sleeping pack before? What do you do when your skin feels dry?