Keeping oilies and bumpies at bay with Origins Out Of Trouble Mask

One of the benefits of having normal/oily combination skin is, you won’t get lines as early as those with dry skin. One bummer is, you are no stranger to oily T-zone, enlarged pores and the dreaded bumps! I have my good phases. Then, there will be a phase where my skin goes all haywire. I recently had a bout of bad phase. A month long of eekiness to be exact. All the travelling, hectic schedule and lack of snooze didn’t help. Itchy fingers that love to pop and scratch made matters worse. Good thing is, with this roller coaster ride, I know I will have a few months of good skin now. LOL!

In my recent battle with the bumps, I discovered a mask that helps combat redness, curb oiliness and control bumps. I have here, Origins Out of Trouble mask.


I got this mask at strawberryNet since there’s no Origins where I am. This is the first mask I tried out of the hydrating or whitening range. So far so good =) Before I start, let me show you the ingredients. There is alcohol in it, so if it’s a red alert for you, you might have to give this a miss. The salicylic acid is the one that helps shrink the pimples.



When I first tried on the mask, I remember thinking I was putting toothpaste onto my face. The texture is definitely similar, so is the smell. It is thick and a little difficult to spread onto skin evenly. Once on, the mask heats up. It feels warm for a few minutes, tingly the next few minutes, and then it cools down for the last few minutes before the 10-minute time frame is up. What an interesting mask!



It is hard to wash off with just rinsing, so I found it best to splash some water onto the face, and wipe off the mask with a wet cotton/tissue/towel. For a mask like this, I expected it to be instantly drying, but it was surprisingly not. Pores are smaller, nose has less blackheads, pimples shrunk after a few applications and skin did not feel tight after application. Cool! The chicken in me still used a hydrating mask at least once a week, just in case my skin is dried up together with the pimples!

Even when my skin is back to normal now, I still use it on alternate weeks. When I feel my skin is especially oily, I will just apply this mask on my T-zone and chin, followed with a hydrating mask all over the face. I usually like to mask it at night. It’s a calming routine just before bed.

Have you tried this before? Do you have a mask that has similar functions? I’d love to read about it.