Let’s Get Naked Again: Urban Decay Naked2 Palette

If you’re familiar with your makeup, then, you will know Urban Decay Naked palette. Some love it, some hate it. Well, so far, I’ve only read good reviews about it, and I personally love it. Less than a month ago, Urban Decay came out with a Naked2. It is not available in Malaysia yet, but I presume Sephora will definitely bring it in. So without much ado, here is your Naked2, photos and swatches.


Ta-dah! Naked2 in its full glory. The mirror is full sized, and it comes with a dual ended synthetic brush. I haven’t used the brush yet, so I don’t know how it works. The palette comes in a snap open plastic box which sometimes doesn’t close properly. When I first touched it, Naked2 felt like a kiddy’s plastic pencil case. This palette comes with a mini sized Naked gloss with a cap that resembled the design of the 15 Anniversary palette case. I somehow forgot to take a picture of it… oops!



Here are your swatches, split into 2 parts. This is your first half. If you look closely, you should see Foxy at the far left of my arm. However, this colour matches my skin quite well, that is why you can’t see much of it. This first half of the palette looks warmer than the other half. Half Baked is a repeat of the original Naked, but the rest are all new colours.



And this is your second half of the swatch, which appears cooler and also darker. There are 4 matte colours in this palette (Foxy, Bootycall, Tease, Blackout) and the rest are all shimmery. I read many reviews saying they expected more mattes, but oh well, maybe there will be a Naked3. I heard Inglot makes good mattes, so if you’re more keen on that, I suggest you check out Inglot, or even Ben Nye.



Many blogs and reviews out there compare this to the original, but I don’t see much to compare. Both palettes, though they look similar, are actually quite different. Google ‘Naked2’ and you get a list of reviews and swatches, mainly comparisons with the original. Every time I search for swatches, I’d go to Temptalia. Christine takes the best photos! If this is not enough for you and you want superb quality swatches, you can check out her post. I haven’t really played with this palette thoroughly yet, but so far, I am really liking the cooler greys and taupes. I looooooooove taupes!

Do you have the original Naked? If you already have that, will you be getting this too? Or are you one of those who just don’t get what the hype is all about?