Sheer and sophisticated: Lunasol blushes

Have I reviewed anything from Lunasol before? I think this is my first. I have a few others in my stash but haven’t gotten round to posting them up. Their lippies are hydrating and the finishing powder very smooth and never cakey. Here today however, I have something for your cheeks. No, not that cheek, the cheeks on your face. Hahahah! OK, that was corny laughing at my not very funny joke. Anyways, here are some blushes for you.

clockwise from top left: Coloring Cheeks 07 Light Coral, Coloring Cheeks 09 Medium Beige, Illuminating Highlight 02 Sheer Beige, Shading Cheeks 01 Natural Beige


I chose the colours myself for this palette and decided to make it a warm natural one. The casing that holds 4 refills is thin and not too much larger than the size of my palm. It is lightweight and has a full sized built in mirror. If I’m not mistaken, I bought it for RM75. The smooth reflective design of the golden bronze case is sleek and chic. It also multitasks. Other than holding blushes, it also holds finger prints very well.



Let me get this out in the open. As you’d expect from most Japanese brands, these blushes are sheer. Some may like it, some may not. If you’re looking for that pop of bright coral, or if you want super shimmery highlights, you have to look elsewhere. These blushes do nothing of that sort. However, the good thing is, it takes a lot of effort to look bad in these. The sheerness and softness of the colours make it difficult to look streaky or vampy – not in the first application anyway.



The powders are finely milled and on my fingers, they feel very smooth like a baby’s buttocks. As you can see, each blush colour has 3 different shades and textures – you get a main colour with some shimmer, another lighter version which is matte, and a highlight with light shimmer. I personally prefer to swirl the brush, mix all 3 colours and apply. On the cheeks, the tiny flecks of shine look so subtle they glow and illuminate instead of sparkle.



The Shading Cheeks in Natural Beige looks dark but when applied on the hollow of the cheeks as contour, the shadow is only barely there. If you’re new to contouring, I’d suggest you get this. This goes very well with the highlighter which is… you guessed it… also sheer. If you are naturally heavy handed, you can relax more when using these blushes. You don’t have to worry picking up too much product on your brush. It is hard work going overboard. Oh dear, now I sound like a broken record. However, I remember when I was still new to makeup, I had a fear of putting too much colour on my face. So, for those with really light hands, you’ll have to layer it to build up some colour.



I photoshopped the picture above, to give you a more dramatic look at the palette. The colours and shadows are intensified, so in real life, the pans do look a tad bit lighter. Picture below is taken with a flash, because that will capture the light reflecting shimmers in the blushes.



Here are the swatches but they don’t show very well. Some just blended into my skin. I had to pile it on for some colour to show on my arm! However, when applied with a brush, cheeks look just lovely. Some of these blushes might not show on darker skin tones. The shading cheek especially (the brown that you see in the palette), is very subtle on my lighter skin, so I suppose this shade will not show on anyone 2 shades darker than my skin.


clockwise from top left: Coloring Cheeks 07 Light Coral, Coloring Cheeks 09 Medium Beige, Illuminating Highlight 02 Sheer Beige, Shading Cheeks 01 Natural Beige.


Here’s another photo I took of the swatches. I thought the colours will show better with flash, but not too good either. I already intensified the colours, and this is the best I can do without changing the natural shades. I guess you’ll have to wait for me to have access to a lightbox. Photos will be sharper, colours true to pan and I don’t have to be at the mercy of Mother Nature and her sun.


clockwise from top left: Coloring Cheeks 07 Light Coral, Coloring Cheeks 09 Medium Beige, Illuminating Highlight 02 Sheer Beige, Shading Cheeks 01 Natural Beige.


I don’t think it’s fair to compare these blushes to my MAC, NARS and Dior. They have totally different textures and pigmentations – the ones I owned and tried anyway. I have read many reviews of different Japanese brands and they all have one common factor, the sheerness of the blushes. Most also have shimmers. What I like about these blushes is that when applied as you would other blushes, they just can’t make you look unnatural. If you’re in a hurry, you won’t need to take extra care in blending out the edges. I also find them very day time and work appropriate for a more natural, polished, sophisticated look.

The blushes retail for RM90 a pan. I will show you how it looks on. This post is already picture heavy so I’ll save the FOTD for another day. I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful. I do find it good to have a selection of pigmented and sheer blushes in your collection. I know I’ve been reaching for this in the mornings!