Since you asked: My Pregnant Must Haves!

I wonder if it’s the time of the year, or maybe many of my friends choose to get pregnant at the same time! I’ve been getting questions like what’s the best makeup for pregnant ladies, and what’s an absolute must have for me. So here it is, my absolute go to when I was pregnant twice (well, they’re not the exact makeup products, but they function the same!).


The first thing on my list, after a lengthy debate with myself, is something I used every day. Bio Oil. Every time after I shower, without fail, I apply this on my belly and hips. Those are the areas which will stretch like nobody’s business. Our skin is elastic, yes, and my doc told me that it depends on my genes if I’d have unsightly stretch marks… but I reckon there is no harm keeping it moisturised. I tried Palmer’s and Body Shop before but I always went back to Bio Oil. In fact, I’m still using it now. A girl gotta try to lighten her stretch marks no matter how impossible it might be! Scent is soothing, absorbs quickly, skin is kept soft and smooth. Check!

I developed rashes on my belly around the 7th month and the itch just got to me. Calamine lotion did not help, but Pinetarsol did wonders. You can get that at pharmacies. I also had swollen legs by the third trimester, so I used an anti water retention lotion in L’occitane’s Grape range. Unfortunately, that wonderful lotion is discontinued. I heard it is replaced by a lotion from the Almond range, but I haven’t tried that before.



Our skin is at the mercy of hormones during these 9 months. I was quite lucky because I didn’t get any breakouts or hyper-pigmentation. In fact, my skin got better! However, swelling is bound to happen. My already round nose puffed up from garlic sized to a huge onion size. Hahaha! To take the attention away from it, I had to play up my eyes. I like to keep colours neutral and smoke out the liner to add some intensity.



There might be sleepless nights during the third trimester as well, so, I like to use illuminating products. These products can do wonders in lighting up sallow and tired skin. I find Benefit’s Eye Bright great for giving eyes a well rested look. Just add some below well defined brows, inner corners of the eyes and on the lower lash lines. I love Clinique Airbrush Concealer for under the eyes and Dior Skinflash for an instant face lift. Of course, don’t forget your mascara. If you don’t like to line your eyes, don’t skip your mascara too. If you have sparse lashes, I’d recommend using mascaras that volumise.



I also like to add an extra step to my makeup routine, that is contouring. It gives the illusion of a less swollen face. However, if you’re not familiar with it, give it a miss. A badly done contouring is awful. I will do a very simple FOTD soon, something that can be accomplished using minimal products in minimal time. So bear with me just for a bit.

If you’re pregnant now, I hope you find this helpful. They’re all very general and just the basics, really. Each pregnant lady’s experience is unique. One common thing is, a miracle is happening in your womb. Enjoy this journey as if it’s your first =)