Touching up with Lunasol Pressed Face Colour

If you apply makeup before work, you will know that by lunch time, most of whatever you have applied so carefully in the morning would not look as fresh anymore. In fact, some of us might experience something called makeup melt down. In a country that is hot and humid all year round, it is never a surprise to see some grease pans for face by lunch time. Some will take the time to ‘freshen up’, a process that includes blotting away excess oil on the face before powdering.

On a good day, I don’t have to touch up and my skin still looked fine. However, on a day I have to be running around, *shudder*… I don’t really want to think about that. My favourite blotting paper has to be the blue one, Clean & Clear Oil Control Film, and at the moment, I am loving Lunasol’s pressed face colour to touch up the face.



Every time you see a little bronze box like above, you will recognise it from Lunasol. Before I talk about what I like, let me rant for a little while. Why must nearly everything in this brand sold separately? To have a complete little box of pressed powder with brush, I have to buy 3 separate things. The powder itself (which is only sold as refill), the box that holds the powder, and the brush that fits into the box. Let me tell you, when totalled, the price is not cheap.

However, when I apply this powder on my face, I would have forgotten about the hassle and the price. The travel friendly box is smaller than the size of my palm and the brush works wonderfully. The bristles of the brush is made of squirrel hair, and it is very soft and gentle on the skin, with no scratchy feeling at all. When the brush is caressing my face, I would then think that it is good I can buy the brush separately because I really really like it. Yeah, I’m fickle like that!



The powder itself works great on my skin. I have the pressed face colour in 02 Lucent Beige. The powder is a combination of matte and soft shimmers. The effect on the skin is anything but shimmery! My skin gets a little redder in the afternoon, no thanks to the scorching heat, but as soon as I sweep this powder all over my face, it tones down the redness and brightens immediately. No joke. It was love at first swipe for me. I knew I had to get it.

Sure, other powders can brighten as well, but this is different. It does not look like I have powdered! It just looked like my skin suddenly took a brighter turn. However, you must blot your face first. Otherwise, the grease will make the powder look patchy on your face.



I’m sure some of you are very curious to know, so here it is – where the knife stabs your purse:
Pressed Face Colour 02 Lucent Beige RM108
Face Colour Compact RM60
Face Colour Brush RM37
You do your own math for the total.

Is it worth it? For me, the initial purchase was a pain, everywhere, but then again, I know I will have the convenience to replace only a worn out brush or a used up powder or a dented/scratched box. However, if I thought the powder was only ‘meh’ in the first place, I would have thought this system crappy and just a gimmick to make more money. Frankly, I got the whole set because I was going to keep this in my bag. If I were to use it at home only, I’d have just purchased the powder and stick it in my customisable palette.

Lovely powder aside, what do you think of refill systems like this? Let’s take price out of the equation. Do you like your makeup sold as is, in its box and with applicators, or would you prefer to purchase them separately? I have mixed feelings about it. As you can tell, I have already contradicted myself a few times in this one post! So please share. I’d love to read your thoughts about this.