Ushering & Celebrating Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year (or Lunar New Year) goes for 15 days. We have reunion dinner on the Eve, and some have reunion lunch. I have both. Lunch at my mom’s and dinner at my in-law’s. It has been like this ever since I got married. First day, we had a lion dance performance at home before going out to visit relatives. Second day, we went to my parents’ and feasted on food and more food. Third day, we went visiting relatives again and it was so hot and tiring! There were an abundance of ang pow (red packets filled with some cash) giving, food and gambling, but nearly everyone lacked rest and sleep. For me, going back to work on the fourth day of Chinese New Year was so painful. LOL!

This post is just to share with you some bits and pieces of this year’s celebration, including a celebration of my own – the launch of this new site! Here are some photos taken throughout the festivity. I take this opportunity to wish you a fantastic Year of the Dragon 2012!! You can start the ‘fantabulousness’ by subscribing (or REsubscribing for some of you) to ChloeAsh. Haha!