Chanel Illusion D’Ombre in Illusoire 83


The name itself is associated with so many things, such as luxury, quality, exclusivity, status, $$, etc. I tried its skincare, and it did not disappoint. Then, I went on to try its Vitalumiere Aqua foundation, and fell in love with it immediately. I have 2 bottles now. Its eyeshadow palettes are a great colour combination with pigmentation that can be built from sheer to intense. My latest venture was its cream eye shadow, the Illusion D’Ombre in the shade Illusoire. I love my purples and my taupes, so this choice was a no brainer.


The Illusion D’Ombre comes with a synthetic angled brush which works very well with the cream eyeshadow. This brush works great to line the eyes but it is a little too small for the entire lid. Too much effort. So, I either use my fingers to pat the cream onto my lid, or I use my own full sized brush to blend it in. Either way, the eyeshadow works the same.



To make things a little easier for those new to makeup, Chanel did not forget to include pictorial instructions which beats writing it down in different languages. I still think the brush is too small for the entire lid, but if this works for you, please go ahead.



This eyeshadow has a very different texture to the other brands I’ve tried. If you look closely, Illusoire looks like a sponge. In fact, it is soft to the touch, and a little springy. Interesting. The others that I’ve tried felt like hard pressed cream but this is actually bouncy! When I touched it with my fingers, the eyeshadow felt like it had a good slip but not greasy. Even though it looks rough on the surface, the cream goes on flawlessly without any bumps or chunks.



Illusoire is a purple taupe. It has a good shimmer which reflects light like nobody’s business. I tried to take a photo of it on my eye, but I can’t get the lighting right. I can’t get the true colour. Also, I can safely say that in different light, Illusoire looks different. It is sometimes more purple, sometimes more grey, sometimes more glittery silver and sometimes more brown. Now I wonder if that statement made any sense at all.



I took 2 photos to show you the swatch. One in natural light and another using flash. There is not much difference in colour but when worn on the eye, it’s a completely different story. Maybe it is the contour of our eyes and the different dimensions and angles reflect light differently. I would have liked the colour to stay true to pan when worn on the lids. That said, this colour is a great base. It enhances purples, warms up greys, cools down browns and brings out taupes. I definitely like it as a base more than just an eyeshadow!



If compared to MAC paint pots, Chanel’s is much smoother, never drags and blends easier. However, when worn alone without primer, the Illusion D’Ombre creases on my lids and by the 5th hour, the colour faded on me. When worn as a base, it lasts longer but still creases unless I applied a primer first. MAC’s and Bobbi Brown’s would have lasted the whole day even without primer.



I will do an FOTD using Illusoire (some time in the near future, I think, maybe…). I have been taking photos, but I haven’t found one that I really liked. I’m a little picky especially when I can’t get this colour to show up in photos. Other than Illusoire, Chanel Illusion D’Ombre has 5 more colours: Fantasme (white), Emerveille (peach), Epatant (green), Mirifique (black) and Ebloui (burgundy).

The Illusion D’Ombre retails for RM110 a pop, if I’m not mistaken. It’s been a while since I bought it. If you’re looking at strawberryNet for a better bargain, forget it. I’ve checked and monitored the prices for a couple of months now, and most of the products are definitely way more expensive than our retail prices. If you live in Malaysia, I suggest you get it if you have a chance to go to the store.

What I like best about this springy cream eyeshadow is its texture. Even though it doesn’t last as long as I liked, the rest made up for it. So, is this a must have? Not in my books. It is a luxury item after all. I did not fall in love with this product mainly because I am disappointed in its lasting power on my oily lids, but an eye primer would do the trick. Have you tried this before? If not, would you splurge just once?