FOTD with Dior Garden Pastel 441 & Rosy Glow 001

As promised, here are the swatches of Garden Pastel 441 and a FOTD with Rosy Glow. Before I show you the FOTD, here are the swatches.


Swatches start top left, clockwise, ending with the pink at the centre. You get a golden green, white, teal, light gold and pink.
I wanted to show you how the colours shine under direct sunlight. It reflects more of the gold pigments in each of the colour. It is also not as sheer as I imagined, but we have to bear in mind that these colours are light colours after all. There isn’t too much sparkle in it, but a pretty intense sheen. It doesn’t shine like glitter, thank goodness!


For the EOTD, I used all colours except the pink. After priming my eyes with Urban Decay primer potion in Eden, I applied the light gold at the inner half of my lid and the golden green at the outer half of my lid. Using the teal, I lined half of the lower and upper lash lines, and highlighted the inner half of the lower lash line with the white. I used the light gold to highlight my brow bone. To bring the whole look together, I lined my upper lashline with a brown liner (Urban Decay Whiskey) and lined my lower lash line using a green liner (MAC Forever Green). Lastly, I curled my lashes and applied 2 coats of Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero-Smudge Lengthening Mascara.



And here’s the full face, complete with Rosy Glow 001 cheeks and Tulip Pink 448 lips (also from Dior Spring 2012 collection). This photo below taken with flash captures most of the colours. The other photo taken using natural light washed out the colours a lot.



And here is a smile for you, Hanny =)



I hope you liked this EOTD / FOTD and that it gave you a better picture of how the colours looked. I did my best to use most of the colours in the eye palette but the pink seems a little out of place. On a personal note, I never really liked pink eyeshadows to begin with. Haha! However, if you like a cooler version with pastel pinks and purples, the other quint in this collection is Garden Roses 841. Fellow blogger Paris recently did a review, and the colours seem sheerer than this palette.

Anyhoo, have a great start to a great new year! I’m just in a festive mood – counting down to Chinese New Year already! The end of my Naked2 palette giveaway marks the start of Chinese New Year. Yay!