My every day lipstick: Rouge Dior in Tulip Pink 448

I don’t feature lip products much because I’m not too much of a lip person. I will find one that works and I will stick to it until I get bored. It can be after a month or 2, but by that time, the lipstick will be pretty used. At the moment, my go to lipstick is Dior’s Tulip Pink, a member of Dior’s Garden Party.


Rouge Dior, to me feels very creamy and smooth. It doesn’t dry out my lips AT ALL due to its new generation of plumping hyauronic acid microspheres. Some lipsticks make my lips crack, some make my lips peel, but this doesn’t. Due to its sheer creamy texture, Tulip Pink lasts only 3 hours tops before I have to re-apply. The tube feels sturdy and the lipstick doesn’t sweat. I have some pretty bad experiences with MAC lipsticks sweating on me. Weird.


Here is a swatch at the back of my hand, 2 swipes of it. See the pretty? I like that the finish is not matte, but not shiny either. I would say it is a satin finish, with a subtle sheen. The lipstick glides onto the lips easily without pulling or tugging and feels comfortable on.



Here is what it looks like on my lips. I am using the photo I used for the Garden Pastel FOTD. It makes my lips look pinker and it brightens the face. Another pro is that it ‘mingles’ well with colours, from warm to cool toned eyes. It can be paired with anything from pink to peach blushes but an orange blush might be out of place. This lip colour is wearable across all skin tones too, I reckon. Flaterring and flexible.



I’m not too sure if this is limited edition, since it is part of the Spring 2012 Collection, which is already available at counters, by the way. Go check it out and see if you like it. I’ve already made a dent on this lipstick from the wear, and I don’t see any need to change it up at the moment. A very good day time lip colour for sure! Oh, if you really have to ask, the flip side of the coin is the price tag. We are talking about Dior after all – can’t expect any less!