Rosy Glow Cheeks with Dior Spring 2012 Petal 001

A blush with an innate sense of colour? Dior creates its first blush that enhances your unique cheek colour for an ultra-natural and customized healthy glow effect.



ROSY GLOW features the new Fresh Color Reveal (TM) technology which intuitively adjusts to the moisture of each skin to make the cheeks blush with delight. Upoh application, ROSY GLOW reveals fresh and luminous color that develops a rosy radiance to match each skin tone for an all-day ultra-natural, customized and healthy glow effect.


Application aside, look at the blush! When I opened the box and saw the bright pink blush, I was oogling over the embossed Dior logo on the pan. So beautiful. Yes, I am a sucker for attractive packagings and colours. When I first laid eyes on this blush, the colour reminded me of Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink but more intense. In line with the Spring 2012 theme which is rose, this blush smells faintly of… wait for it… yes, roses. Duh! However, my nose couldn’t detect it as I was applying it on my cheeks. Actually, I only realised it smelled of roses after I read the instruction leaflet and stuck my nose very close to the pan. Oops =___=”


Rosy Glow comes with its own brush which is soft and fluffy. Yes, this brush does its job, so I’m keeping it. I have a habit of throwing out crappy brushes that come with the makeup. Rosy Glow’s Fresh Colour Reveal technology reminds me of their Lip Glow. Lip Glow was my perfect pink lipstick and I went through 2 full tubes of it! I guess it’s the same concept after all.



This blush will not look the same on everyone. It will act on our body’s unique chemistry and form its own unique pink colour. On my cheeks, this blush turns into a warm pink with some red – like I have naturally flushed cheeks, only more intense. I’ve been wearing this blush for the last couple of weeks and I find this very wearable. I do notice the colour getting a little brighter when I am hot though. In-te-res-ting… This blush also has a really good wear. On my cheeks, it lasts for 6-8 hours.



I will not do a swatch on this, but I will feature this on my next FOTD. Erm, swatching it is a little pointless when it’s probably gonna look different on you, no? LOL! Are you intrigued by this blush concept enough to give it a try? I do think it is an interesting concept, but it is not new. Smashbox has a gel blush that is also intuitive. I personally like a variety of colours to choose from, depending on my look and also my mood. So, intuitive or not, it is still a shade of pink to me. Wait, let me re-phrase that, a very flattering shade of pink on me. However, for the novelty of the really cute blush pan, it’s still a keeper for me 😉 What do you think?