Swatches: Dior Spring 2012 Nails Waterlily & Forget Me Not

I know I promised this a while ago, but I have finally managed to take the photos and do this post before it is too late. I had Forget Me Not on my right hand and Waterlily on my left. I have been going to work for the last 2 days like this. Haha!

I am still a newbie when it comes to nail polishes, so I don’t have enough experience with different types of polishes to make a comparison. All I know is these go on smooth and creamy, and dries relatively fast. The brush is flat and tapered, measuring probably a good 4-5mm in width. One swipe of it is enough to cover my whole pinky nail. It is definitely user friendly for shaky hands like mine.

Waterlily is a pastel green with very subtle golden sheen. You can’t really tell unless you hold it against the sunlight. Surprisingly, on my light warm skin, the green doesn’t wash me out. In fact, my skin’s warm undertones brought out the gold in this pastel green. Quite lovely I have to say. They also look super cute on my 2 and 4 year olds’ little toes! A fun and young colour =)

Forget Me Not is a purple. That’s it. I don’t see anything special to this shade, other than the fact that it is hard to capture in photos. I had to photoshop this photo to tweak the colour. The red undertones of this purple did not show. But now, I think it represents a truer shade.


These nail colours are rose scented, noticeable only after they are dry. I remember trying Revlon’s scented nail polishes before, and it was so strong it gave me a headache. In fact, the scent made me nauseated. These Dior nail polishes however smells rather pleasant, rosy and sweet… but after the first 12 hours, the scent is gone. The first time I tried these polishes were on my girls’ little digits. So, I smelled their little toes. It’s soooo NOT gross, trust me. Then again, I can be biased. Here is to show you my first guinea pigs of these shades 😉 So hard to capture this because they just won’t stop fidgetting!

Well, I hope you liked this brief little post. I apologise for not describing it with more flair… my head is full of many other things. Haha!