• prem

    i have to admit that i admire your passion for make up .i am 40 years of age and only now , i am finding the feminity in me as i have always been very business minded and my associations are always with men . you blog inspires me . Although i will not be too nitty gritty as you as to brush and 3 d effects .

    • Lily

      Hi Prem, thanks for stopping by. I really only started this when I was first pregnant a few years ago. A little bit of makeup does make a whole lot of difference. I see it as a way to take care of our own appearance. Some people call it vanity, sure! I just want to be presentable and look like I take time to look after myself, in and out. I suppose this is my hobby as well. Getting all nitty gritty is kinda part of being a blogger. If I didn't find out more, I'd have nothing to write! Haha!!

      Blogging about what I love is also a gift of its own. Being able to share with like minded people is a joy. Reading comments saying that my sharing helped also makes my day. I hope you enjoy your stay here and maybe you can pick up a tip or two =)

  • Katiuska

    Hi, congrats for this new blog.

    It’s great but a bit slow to load for me :/

    • Lily

      Hi Katiuska, I'm sorry it loads slow for you. I've already minimised all the sizes of the plugins and files… hope it will get better soon, maybe?

  • lyn

    It looks awesome! Congrats on the new blog 🙂 I may need your expertise when I eventually decide to move to WordPress… Kekeke…
    My recent post Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation ~ Original vs Serum

    • Lily

      Thanks Lyn!! When you move to WordPress, I'm sure there will be many who can help, including me. Hahah!!