Lemming finally materialised: Blush Horizon De Chanel

I have always wanted a Chanel blush. I have not tried it before. When I saw the ads for the Spring collection, I was drawn to its blush. Naturally! This Spring 2012 has many collections that caught my eye. I’ve always been an Autumn person, drawn to earth tones, but this time round, it is different. Also, this time, the stars have been blushes. Dior Rosy Glow, Guerlain Cruel Gardenia and now Blush Horizon De Chanel. Lancome La Roseraie looks good too. Have to check it out at the store…


The blush comes with an angled brush which is soft but I still prefer using my blush brush. Always have. The brush is not housed in the blush box, as others normally are. The blush has its own velvet pouch and so does the brush.



If you have been surfing the net, you might have stumbled upon pictures of this blush. It has horizontal stripes of different colours: rose, pink, sheer white and rose coral. This blush has its own 3D structure – the Chanel logo. All you have to do is to swirl the brush on the pan, blend all the colours and apply as you normally would. One look at it and I knew the colours couldn’t be worn separately. The horizontal lines are a little too thin. It was hard enough to use a cotton bud to do individual swatches! Since all blogs show you photos of brand new Horizon, I’ll show you something else. Pan below is how it looks after use. Doesn’t look as pristine anymore, eh? But it’s still lovely 🙂



The brush provided does a good job in getting all the colours but I do foresee some might have a problem blending it out properly on the cheeks. The brush is a little angled and flat. It took a longer time to blend out the colours using the brush included. I used my Lunasol blush brush and it worked perfectly. I also tried it with MAC’s 129 and its stippling brush 187. They all work great. This blush is very pigmented, and I suggest using a very light hand, and adding the intensity layer by layer to avoid looking like a “monkey’s backside”. My brother always referred to his wife’s penchant for really red cheeks as “monkey’s backside”. If you wanted to know why, Google image and you’ll see. Hahahah!



Here is the swatch. I apologise for the crap thin swatches. They are done using cotton buds. The colours you see on the left are the individual swatch of the different colours in the pan. I swatched the white, but it was so sheer it did not show up on my arm. The swatch on the far right is what you should get on your cheeks – for fair to medium yellow undertoned ladies. I swatched that using the brush provided, hence it looks a little sheer on my bare arm. It is more pigmented over primers and foundation. Darn! Should have used a foundation underneath. *cuss*



This is the promotional poster and the model is wearing Blush Horizon on her cheeks. It is applied near the hollow of her cheeks then blended upwards, sheering out. There is not much shimmer to this blush. When worn sheer, it gives a rosy tint to the cheeks. I cannot wear this blush heavy because it makes me look scary. So, I use a fluffy blush brush, take some product, tap off the product at the back of my hand and apply a sheer layer. I then layer it on until I get the desired intensity.



Blush Horizon de Chanel is limited edition and retails for RM215 at Chanel stores nationwide. Have you tried a Chanel blush before? What colour would you recommend for my next purchase? I heard Rose Petale is universally flattering. Any suggestions?


xoxo Lily