Chanel Fever: Rouge Coco Ruban Rose

I went on a rampage. Lipstick rampage. I have not tried Chanel lipsticks before. I have heard so much about these lipsticks, from Temptalia to Lisa Eldridge, to my blogger friends. How could I have not tried it yet? So I picked up a couple online to try it out.

I got the shades based on Temptalia’s swatch gallery. Lipsticks are unique in a way, because the colours differ due to our natural lip pigments. Some might have very pigmented lip colour, and others might have pale lips. It also depends very much on our skintone! Ruban Rose looks different on my lips compared to Christine’s. This shade is a more natural, day time lipstick.



Rouge Coco is very comfortable on my lips. I have been sleeping rather late and my lips are a little drier than usual. This lipstick does not enhance my dry lips, and in fact, without a lip balm as base, this lipstick feels smooth and moisturising. It lasts about 5 hours on me. I suppose it would last even longer if I didn’t have a bad habit of biting my lips 😉



On me, Ruban Rose enhances my natural lip colour. It is a soft peachy rosy pink. It reminded me of Dior’s Tulip Pink but Ruban Rose is not as pink. When swatched on my arm, it is a very sweet peachy pink. It also looks a little shiny, but that is due to the flash.



Here is another photo of how it looks like compared to my bare lips.

As you can see, Ruban Rose enhances my natural lip colour. Rouge Coco is rather pigmented and opaque so I would imagine even if you have very pigmented lips, it would still work. I can be wrong, so why don’t you share with me?

Have you tried Rouge Coco’s before? What is your favourite shade? Do shades like this jive with your taste, or do you prefer something bolder?


xoxo Lily