Whitening & Hydrating: Chanel Le Blanc Serum

My skin needs 2 main things: hydration and tone correction. Well, I have combination dry/oily skin which gives me headaches. I cannot use products which are too rich (breakouts!) and anything lighter just doesn’t do much to counter the dryness. The occasional breakouts leave some marks on my face, and my T-zone is dull. I exfoliate on a regular basis and it is tricky to find the right skin care. When I was at Chanel a few months ago, I bought this together with the moisturiser.

I thought this would go well with the moisturiser I loved so much. The Le Blanc range which I think is only available in Asia, boasts of hydrating and whitening the skin at the same time. Initially, I reminded myself to write about this after a month of using, but I completely forgot. I already threw out the box ages ago (together with the product write up from the brand), and finished the whole bottle of serum very recently. I thought I’d better write now, to let you know what I think of it. Even if I am not able to tell you what technology they used, I can at least tell you if they worked, on me at least.



The bottle is clean and luxurious, not as heavy as the moisturiser, but it is a big bottle for just 30ml of serum. There is a light musky scent to it, which I think is pleasant, but there are people who might not like it. The serum is very lightweight and it absorbs into skin almost instantly, leaving the skin soft, comfortable and smooth. I don’t see any immediate results from using this serum other than the fact that it felt weightless on my skin.



After finishing the bottle, I still didn’t see much. Probably just a hydrated skin. I was truly disappointed, seeing how well the moisturiser worked for my skin. I have used Shiseido’s White Lucent Serum (mainly whitening, with some hydration) with good results and my Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair (boosts cell repair with great hydration, evening out skin tone, healing marks) just never disappoints. This one however, was meh. Hydrating? Average. Whitening? Not visible. That is probably why I forgot to write about it. So as I was debating whether or not to put this up, I thought it would be good to tell you not to waste your RM380. You’re better off saving RM50 to purchase a bottle of Estee’s ANR, or add another RM30 to buy White Lucent. If you’re looking at only to hydrate your skin, I heard Clinique’s Moisture Surge works wonders at just half the price.



There, I said it. Might work for some, but not for me. Looking at the bright side, it did not break me out with a vengeance like some Japanese brand miracle skincare did 😉 Whew!

What skin type do you have and which skincare have you tried that just doesn’t work for you at all?


xoxo Lily