Clarins UV Plus High Protection Mineral Sunscreen Review

The star of this post has been much raved about by many. I was doing my research prior to purchasing this product, and 10 out of 10 reviews I read were positive. So, what could go wrong, right?



Sun protection, to me, is vital. My skincare routine is not complete if I didn’t finish it with a generous layer of sunscreen. Since I do not skimp on the amount I lather on my face, the texture of the sunscreen is very important. It has to have high protection, it has to be light, it cannot be oily, and my skin has to be able to breathe! I have combination dry/oily skin which is a real pain. On good days, it can be combination normal/oily. Fussy much? Indeed 🙂



Clarins UV High Protection is a Holy Grail sunscreen for many. Once I went to the counter, I bought it in a skip of a heartbeat. Maybe less. It comes in 2 formula, transparent and tinted. I got the pink tinted one which is supposed to brighten the complexion. I was so impatient, I tried it at the back of my hand and the texture was all that I wanted. It is also a 100% mineral sunscreen. Mineral sunscreens are physical sunscreens which block off and reflect the unwanted UVA and UVB rays. You can read a very well written post by here.



I won’t go into detail about the packaging, the pictures speak for themselves. I have no issues with the bottle, or the fact that I have to shake well before using. The texture is a little runny, and it spreads very easily on the face. It takes a little while to absorb into my skin, but once it does, it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing much. I usually use liquid foundations and BB creams, and this sunscreen does not speed up my oil production!



After about a week of using it, however, I noticed bumps around my chin area. Time of the month? No. Lack of sleep, hormones? That’s a pretty constant problem, nothing new. This sunscreen???? I went off it immediately and bumps started to subside. Darn. Maybe it is due to the heavier weightage of titanium dioxide in the ingredients. Mineral sunscreens are known to cause break outs in some people. I just found out that Maybe I am one of the unlucky ones.



So, off it went, into the open arms of my mother. She has been using it for 2 weeks now, and I have been hearing good things about it. She said that it feels comfortable on her dry mature skin, lightweight yet delivers results. She said she could notice her skin look a little brighter! It’s either her previous SPF50 sunscreens were not working at all, or maybe mineral sunscreens agree with her more. I am waiting for my bumps to clear off completely before giving it another try. I want to know if I’m really allergic to titanium dioxide. I’d also like to wear mineral sunscreens instead of chemical ones, if I could. For the moment, looks like I really can’t wear this sunscreen.



I purchased this little bottle for RM150 in case you wanted to know. So what does this say? Even if a product works well on 10 people, you might be the 1 odd man out. Take reviews with a pinch of salt because they are based on the blogger’s personal experience. Know your own skin and remember what works and what doesn’t.

Does this sunscreen work for you? Wait, let me re-phrase the question. I know this sunscreen is loved by many. Is there anyone of you who is like me? LOL!


xoxo Lily

  • Stephanie/Yukaeshi

    Oooh I think I’ve gone through 4-5 bottles of these, ever since the bottle design 3 designs ago 😀 It is my ultimate favourite sunscreen before I switched to Chanel (Which is also great!) and now to Marie Veronique Organics. These sunscreens from these few brands are the ones that work on my very sensitive skin and doesn’t break me out… so it’s weird it broke you out 🙁

    • Lily

      I know, it is absolutely upsetting! I am hoping it is due to something else, so once everything on my face clears, I will give it another shot. My mom is loving it though.

      • Stephanie/Yukaeshi

        All the best! Hope it’ll work for you this time 🙂

  • Hanny

    I just recently got a new sunscreen too! It’s the Loreal one in the squarish bottle heh heh ^.^

    Someone really needs to force me to apply sunscreen *sighs*

    • Lily

      Oh gosh, sunscreen is an absolute MUST or there will be premature aging!! I never miss it… I’m even practising re-applying – trying to, anyway.

  • Sunny @ Mostly Sunny

    Awww too bad you didn’t react too well to this! I’ve actually been very slack about sun protection since I moved to Belgium, because most of the time there isn’t so much sun anyways! I have had bad reaction to some products, but it’s not a lot and I haven’t figured out what it is that my skin doesn’t like.

    • Lily

      Oh gosh Sunny, don’t make the mistake I did. When I was young and carefree, I didn’t apply sunscreen, especially during winter (I was in Perth Australia). It was cold so I chased the sun light! Little did I know the effects of it… freckles!! Hyper pigmentation! You should apply sunscreen even if it’s overcast. Don’t learn it the hard way 😉

  • This is probably my hg sunscreen for it’s so very lightweight, non-oily, perfect as a makeup base and most importantly, doesn’t irritate my skin nor does it break me out!

    I’m glad you seem to enjoy it as much as I do! 🙂

    • Lily

      Hi Jess, I really like how it feels, the problem is, it gave me bumps! I will try it again after my bumps subside… fingers crossed it’s not this sunscreen!

  • Bugs

    Me…i got the tiny red bumps with pus all over my face, even on my eye lids with this sunblock. I 1st noticed them when i was using Biore Aqua jelly sunblock and was liking it. Funny thing is i didn’t get the bumps everyday but i was using the sunblock everyday. It’s after i read a comment from someone in a beauty blog that it strucks me… it’s the ALCOHOL !!! I then bought this Clarins sunblock to give it another chance becoz i didn’t liked the previos formula, and i got the tiny red bumps too… sigh !!

    • Lily

      Oh dear! Tiny red bumps with pus? That’s horrible! I’m still hoping it’s not due to this sunscreen because I don’t think I’m allergic to any of the ingredients there. I have no problems with alcohol. Oh wait, of course I have no problems with Alcohol!! I mean my skin doesn’t. I will try using it again though.

  • Wynnce

    I’m having this too and add up another mineral sunscreen from L’occitane. It’s name is Angelica UV Shield SPF 40. I’ve checked their ingredients in CosDNA where it is almost non-comedogenic. After gone through your post, I’m really worried about the titanium dioxide inside of it!!!

    • Lily

      Maybe it’s just my skin, Wynnce. I’m going to give this another try though, just to make sure. Bumps are subsiding, but the marks. UGH!

  • Wynnce

    Hope so…..Coz I just get my L’occitane..I have no problem with Clarins’ then should be the same case, right? Try to get Origins Spot Remover, it is damn effective!

    • Lily

      Really? Gosh, I just bought Clinique’s micro motion C serum today. I’m a sucker for handy looking gadgets. LOL! I will definitely check out Origins Spot Remover.

      • Wynnce

        No no no! Origin’s is for removing pimples, sorry for misleading you.

        • Lily

          Ah, I see. I’ve been using Clinique’s anti blemish gel and it works quite well. Now I’m bleaching my face to remove pimple marks. LOL!