Dior New Look Eye Palettes: Swatches!!

** Warning Picture Heavy!! **

I introduced this mini collection to you in my Lisa Eldridge post and it is now launched and already selling at all Dior counters nationwide! I was at the mall on the weekend and saw these palettes. I was in luck because I had my camera with me. So, I gladly took some swatches for you. I used the arm of one of the beauty consultants actually. She happily obliged. Such a nice girl! Now, on to the swatches, all in one post 🙂

Royal Kaki

I would say this is the star of the collection. The colours and texture are very lovely. Smooth and very pigmented. The beauty consultant’s skin was very dry, so the colours didn’t translate as well. Still did the job though! There’s a buttery cream colour from the top right corner, a flamboyant shimmery silver and a matte black at the bottom row, a beautiful wearable gold on the top left and the middle is the featured Khaki colour which is not ashy at all. Love this one!


Bleu de Paris

This palette was featured in Lisa Eldridge’s video on how to do a smokey eye. This palette swatched like a dream! I usually shy away from blues because they can make me look grey and flat, but this one is excellent! I believe this is the best blue palette I have ever encountered. We have a sheer silver as highlight, a dark blue, a silvery black, a metallic muted blue (love this shade!) and a light greyish blue in the middle.



I believe this is a combination of whites, greys and beiges. The colours are neutral and when swatched on dry skin, are a little sheer. I should have put a primer on her arm first. LOL! As you can see, the palette consists of 5 different colours but in similar grey brown hues. There is only 1 warmer colour which is the top left. It’s not anything too different from other neutral palettes you see, but this is one that is neither too cool or too warm which should suit most skintones.


Rose Porcelaine

This palette is a little too pink for me. Pinks don’t work well on my eyes. However, I do like the darker shade here. It looks grey but swatched brownish grey. I find the pinks in this palette a little too similar with each other. They all have the same sheen, and they all have the same pinks, just a tad lighter or a tad more pink… if I’m making any sense (excuse me, it is 1:30AM now after all). Of the 4 palettes, this one is a miss for me.


There is also a brand new mascara launched together with this collection, and an eyelash heat curler. I’ll talk about these in a separate post. These palettes retail for about RM200 like all their other 5 couleurs palette… or is it RM195? Oh dear, I can’t remember. This late night is eating into my memory. OK, off to bed for me and I hope the swatches are helpful.

Have you seen this already? Did you see anything you like from these swatches? I will post some FOTD using these palettes and talk more about them individually. They might just look a little different on the eyes. Till then, stay beautiful!


xoxo Lily